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My Maytag mah5500bww won't lock door or drain

Customer Question

My Maytag mah5500bww won't lock door or drain
Submitted: 1 month ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  McgiverSR replied 1 month ago.

Hello and good morning,the washer has a electric pump and will not come on until it has started so we need to get the door lock issue resolved first, inspect the latch piece on the door if its ok then the door lock mechanism needs to be checked for tightness if all this checks out then the problem will be either the lock or the control board if you have a volt meter i can tell you where to check for power to isolate problem , but almost always the lock is at fault let me know so i can get back with you on where to check for power on door lock.

Expert:  McgiverSR replied 1 month ago.

Check the wax motor for proper resistance. This check should be made with the electrical supply disconnected from the washer. Remove the wire harness from the wax motor terminals and place the ohm meter probes on the terminals of the wax motor. The wax motor should have a resistance of approximately 1900 ohms at room temperature. or the voltage check at the control board on connector p7 pin 4 should be brown wire between it and neutral or white wire 13 you should get 120 volts with door closed and washer started if not board is bad if you have power then if latch on door is in good condition and is closing the door switch when the door is closed the locking mechanism will need to be replaced,i will help with further questions but you tube has some good DIY on how to change the door lock i hope this has helped you let me know

Expert:  McgiverSR replied 1 month ago.

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