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I have a GE Spacemaker microwave. The front panel came off

Customer Question

I have a GE Spacemaker microwave. The front panel came off (for no apparent reason). looks like it was installed with double sided tape. What options do I have to repair it?
JA: Can you guesstimate how old your GE is? And just to clarify, what's the exact model?
Customer: I believe it's about 7-8 years old. It's at a rental cottage, so I'm not onsite but I was sent pictures that I could forward if necessary. Is there a high heat adhesive that can be used?
JA: Do you plan on doing the work yourself?
Customer: I'll probably have to have the on site caretaker do the work, since I won't be there until late September
JA: Anything else we should know to help you best?
Customer: If there is a way to send the pictures, that would probably be helpful, or to just forward the email to you
Submitted: 2 months ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Whrlp Master Tech replied 2 months ago.

Hello from Just Answer and the Appliance Category
I`m sorry to hear that your having issues!
My name is Woody.
I will be glad to assist you today.
I have been servicing ALL Major Brands of Appliances for 37 Years, I own my own Appliance repair Company
And I teach appliance repair at a local Community College.
I have over 100,000 plus in home repairs and over 80,000 internet repairs under my belt.
You will be paying me for my ANSWER to your Appliance Question,, Not for the repair of your appliance hence the name of this site Just Answer.
I will do my best to take the information that you provide to me and make a Diagnosis for you to be able to repair your own Appliance.

Can I please have the Full model number of the unit to better assist you ?

open the microwave door the model /serial tag will be on the cooking cavity face frame.

Customer: replied 2 months ago.
Hi, I'm not at the location, so it's difficult to get all this information, but it's a GE spacesaver microwave. I have the email from the person that's on site. If you have an email address, I can forward the email to you with the pictures and you can see what the problem is. It looks to me like maybe a high heat sealant can be used to resecure the door, but you would know best.
Expert:  Whrlp Master Tech replied 2 months ago.

there are about 50-60 different models of the space saver design

A photo will only be useful if they have taken a picture of the model /serial tag!

In your first post you said the front panel has come off now your saying the door has come off .which is it door or the front panel.

Or by chance are you revering to the front door panel ,as in the outer sink of the door ?

Customer: replied 2 months ago.
I understand that there may be different models, but I'm not at the location to get the model, but i think if you give me an email address, or a way to attach pictures, you will be able to see what has come off, and as I indicated, it seems to be held on by double sided tape.
Expert:  Whrlp Master Tech replied 2 months ago.

There is an attachment (paper clip ) icon that you can send photos to me on this chat!

Most microwave doors inner and outer panel snap into place on the door frame.

If it has tape on it some one has tried to fix it temporarily because it did not come from the manufacture taped in place.

Now if you or the person on the other end want to fix it correctly I will need the unit model number to be able to look up any information on the manufacture web site.

Customer: replied 2 months ago.
See attached. I doubt that anyone made a repair to the unit. It's a vacation rental and guests don't repair things, and the on site care taker would just contact me, which he did in this case. If it looks like I need to buy parts, I can have the on site person get the model #, but there are gusts in the cottage now, and I don't want to have to disturb them unless it's necessary.
Expert:  Whrlp Master Tech replied 2 months ago.

ok the photo did help me understand what part is loose.

But I will need the model number to be able to give you any parts information.

All appliance information is looked up off the model number.

Customer: replied 2 months ago.
but, this looks like it's probably the same method of installation for multiple models, so the only component that looks like it has failed is the adhesive tape. Without getting the model number, which would not be until later today or tomorrow, can you tell me if there is an adhesive tape that GE sells for repairs, or, like I asked originally, can a high heat adhesive like the attached link be used.
Expert:  Whrlp Master Tech replied 2 months ago.

Ge would not sell you any tape they will only sell you either an entire door or the front door panel that that loose piece is mounted onto .

No you would not want to use the sealant.

#1 it is red and will show up on the white glass panel.

#2 it is not tape it is a liquid silicone in a tube.

If you just want to put the glass back in place for now I would use just a double sided tape ,but the old tape on the door and on the glass would need to be removed and then cleaned with rubbing alcohol before the new tape is applied.

Customer: replied 2 months ago.
you don't think something like this, which is an adhesive and clear would be as good as a tape?
Expert:  Whrlp Master Tech replied 2 months ago.

no a silicone will not work .

#1 it is not food grade silicone.

#2 for it to hold and set up you would need to remove the microwave door and lay it flat . and wait at least several hours for it to set up . if not the glass will just slide off the door

Expert:  Whrlp Master Tech replied 2 months ago.

like this double sided tape.

Expert:  Whrlp Master Tech replied 2 months ago.

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