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My Samsung Washer will not rotate with clothes inside it.

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My Samsung Washer will not rotate with clothes inside it. When empty it will rotate. Model number WF218ANW. I have check online at repair clinic and the site says it could be either the Stator Assembly and/or the Rotor Assembly. So I removed them both, but I am unable to determine if they are good or not.The day before with only a few minutes remaining in the spin cycle, there was a bang and it stopped. It then restarted and continued. When we tried to run another load this morning, it would not turn and we got an error message ............E3. Unplugged it and tried with no clothes and it worked. Then added a small amount of clothes and the drum did not rotate and got the error message E3 again. I tried running a diagnostic by pushing the Spin, Soil and Start at the same time and I got the following message: 25 6nIf it is the Stator and/or Rotor, what does a bad one look like. If it is something else- what do I do?thank youJames

Hello and welcome to just answer my name is ***** ***** I will be the one to assist you. You can certainly check the wiring's to the stator to see if they ohm out. In the event they do not then the part will need to be replaced. In order to check this you will need a multimeter. In the event you do not have a multimeter and do not want to purchase one this company will ship you the part and if it does not fix your issue you can ship it back and get a full refund The rotor is just magnets so as long as the magnets are not broken or falling out it should be ok.

If you have found this information helpful all I ask is you rate with 5 stars at the top so I am credited for my time. Rating does not stop you from getting back to me in the event you need me.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
After reading your response, I dug deeper into the issue by including that bang sound and E3 code. It appears that this occurred because the spider arm has failed. I also found a couple pieces of metal in the lint filter, and I could not get a magnet to stick to it and this left me puzzled to what it was. Apparently zinc from the spider arm. Many issues with this part on the web.At this point it looks like a complete tear down? What is the cost of replacing this if a service call? I know the part is approximately $100.I also scratched the coating on the copper wires of the rotor, does a scratch effect the ability for it to work after it is re assembled?Thank you

I can not be certain what a repair man would cost in your area of course they will have a fee just for coming out to inspect plus an up charge of course for the part and then service time which they will charge at least an hour so I am sure you are looking in the neighborhood of at least a couple hundred dollars if nothing else for parts labor and time.

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