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The model # of my refrigerator is RM2354. A small fan was

Customer Question

The model # of my refrigerator is RM2354. A small fan was installed on the refrigerator, I believe this was done by the mfr. There is a small temp. sensor on the first fin on the left of the refrigerator. This is looking at the refrigerator from the back. Once the fan turns on it never turns off. On the right side of the refrigerator a pipe comes up and makes a 90 degree left turn. At that turn the pipe is hot enough that I can touch it but cannot hold on to it. By the time it travels left, makes a 180 degree turn and gets to the fins it is not hot at all, barely warm. Is that normal for that upper right corner to be that hot? Last year when I used the refrigerator this fan would run for short periods of time and then turn off. Is that fan a requirement on this refrigerator?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Francis replied 1 year ago.

Hello, Thank you for using JA. Let me help you with your problem. The fan that was installed by the manufacturer is a air moving fan to move the heat produced by the unit. The sensor will sense the heat of the condenser ( the upper fins where it is attached ) and will run continuously as long as the fin is hot. And it will only be hot if the unit is demanding cooling. The fan is used to move air at the back of the unit. To suck warm air and replace it with fresh air ( probably form the bottom part) . The unit could have been installed inside a cabinet. The fan is used to cool down the condenser by moving the warm air out of the cabinet. The fan will only turn off if the set temperature inside is reached and the demand for cooling stop, hence the fins will stop heating up and will stop the fan from running. I hope I answered your question. If you still have inquiries, just post your reply here. Thank you for using JA.