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I have a Maytag model MVWX500XW0 washer, several years old.

Customer Question

I have a Maytag model MVWX500XW0 washer, several years old. We just started having trouble. The washer starts by locking the lid then it makes a moaning sound which it has done from the start I think it is determining how much of a load it has before filling with water, but now it unlocks the lid then relocks the lid and the lid lock starts blinking and the machine moans but will do nothing else. I unplug it to get it reset to unlock the lid. each time I try restarting it, it does the same thing, I thought the capacitor on the motor may be bad but don't know how to check it, the motor spins freely by hand although it was rather hot when I checked it.
Thank You, *****
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  John replied 1 year ago.

The drive motor needs to be replaced. Its part number is(###) ###-#### ***** its price is $237.60. You can buy it at A replacement video is available at the website.

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