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I have a frost free stand up freezer that when we first got

Customer Question

I have a frost free stand up freezer that when we first got it would make a noise to indicate it was sucking the air out of the freezer when I closed the door, but now it don't make that sound anymore and it has started to collect frost in it. It's only about 6 mo. old and I also have recently put 500lb + beef in it about 1mo. ago, any idea why it don't suck out air anymore? Thanks PD
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Tyler Z. replied 1 year ago.

Good afternoon. So I just wanted to start by explaining what this sucking noise is. The freezer doesn't actually suck air out of the freezer. What happens is that you open the door and then warm air gets in the freezer. When you shut the door that air condenses causing a suction which pulls air through the freezer's door seals. Now depending on how well the door is sealing up, the noise could be more or less noticeable. It's not really supposed to make a noise but if it does it generally means that the door seal is making TOO GOOD of a seal. In some cases a coffee straw or something has to be tapped to the top corner to allow air to transfer between the inside and outside so it doesn't create a suction where you can't re-open the door for awhile if the seal is sealing better than intended.

Anyways, the frost inside the freezer could be caused from the door seal not sealing up properly anymore or it could be that your freezer is too cold, or just that the door is being opened too long. If you have frost in one general area and it's on the side wall or top, then that means your door seal isn't sealing up in that area and you'll want to thaw out the frost and use a hair dryer to heat up the door seal in that area for 30 minutes to re form that portion of the door seal. If the frost is all over the place, then it sounds like your freezer is too cold. The freezer should be at about 0 degrees and if you get colder than that it will accumulate excess frost. You will need an alternate thermostat which you can get at a grocery store to test the temperature inside the freezer.

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Expert:  Kelly replied 1 year ago.

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I would not recommend taping a straw into the seal to prevent it from sealing "too good." The defrost drain is what allows the air pressure to equalize when the door is shut. I suspect that drain may be plugged and not allowing that equalization to occur. The defrost drain is at the bottom of the cabinet, behind the rear wall, inside the freezer. You may have to remove the rear panel (inside the freezer) to access it for inspection and cleaning. Let me know what you find.

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