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I have a refrigerator manufactured in Sept. 2004. Model

Customer Question

I have a refrigerator manufactured in Sept. 2004. Model ETICHMXKB03, with ice maker. About a month ago I had water dripping into the 'fridge from the freezer. It happened over several days and had begun to freeze on the shelves when I found it.
I unplugged it for 48 hours and it worked fine for about 2 weeks.
Today when I opened the 'fridge I heard water dripping and could see it coming out right of what would the middle of the freezer, and running down under the crisper drawers.
Please advise what the trouble would be. Thank you.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Joel Swenson replied 1 year ago.

every 8-12 hours your refrigerator goes into defrost mode to clear the ice build up off the evaporator coils ( the lines the freon runs through behind the back panel of the freezer) in the freezer, when this happens a heater comes and melts the ice then the water from the melted ice flows down a drain tube to the drain pan on the rear of the refrigerator, when the drain gets stopped up the water can no longer go down the drain so it backs up in the unit and freezes or runs down to the refrigerator and collects there. To fix this you must remove the back panel of the freezer and look under the evaporator there you will find a hole that the water drains down you will need to use high air pressure like a air hose from an air compressor to blow it out, if you dont have one you can use a turkey baster and hot water or any type of wire that is thick enough to get in the hole yet stout enough to snake out the drain. If the drain has frozen water in it then it would be best to let it defrost before trying to clear the drain. Once you can pour a cup of water into the drain and it not back up you know its fixed properly.

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