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I am attempting to change the support assembly on a GE

Customer Question

Hello, I am attempting to change the support assembly on a GE stackable GTUP270EM5WW washer/dryer combo. I have done this before on a regular top load GE washer so I have some experience.
My issue is I have the washer unit completely dismantled and cannot remove the inner tub from the outer tub. I have spent several hours watching videos and reading other peoples requests for help with similar issues but the problem seems to be my washer is different from all of the GE washers on the internet (dramatic I know). I have removed the spanner nut and the inner tub does not just simply pull out of the outer tub (like every single video demonstrates). Where my washer seems to be different from the other tubs is there is a big grey circular piece at the bottom of the inner tub (not different from the other GE washers) but there is a gear attached to this big grey piece (this is different from the other GE inner tubs). This gear seems to either screw off (which I can't get it to budge) of the top portion of the support assembly drive shaft or the inner tub should just pull off. Because the gear fits so snuggly against the top end of the drive train I can't help but to assume the gear screws off.
Can someone please confirm if this "gear" piece screws off?
If so, what's the best technique for getting this piece off so I can take the inner tub out to remove the transmission/support assembly?
Is there a special tool that needs to be used to remove the gear piece from the drive train?
If this piece does not unscrew, how can I remove the inner tub to get the support assembly out? Please keep in mind how the grey piece at the bottom with the gear attached to it fits so snuggly over the drive train.
Also, I noticed the motor and drive train parts breakdown does not account for this grey piece I'm referring to so I can only assume this piece is potentially attached to the inner tub so when you get a new inner tub that piece is already attached.
I'm happy to send pictures...not sure if you can attach a pic to the post.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  AppTech8579 replied 1 year ago.

Squirt some WD40 around the drive block. Push down on the basket and try to rock it. Once you feel it start to loosen up, you should be pull it straight up.

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi Jamie,Thanks for your response! Your suggestion was my step one and I have already tried that. I could not get the inner tub to move and because this unit is a stackable unit I could not pull the inner tub out from the top as the dryer sits on top of the unit. I have attempted too:- pry the unit out from the bottom with a crow bar
- put my feet at the top of the tub while pulling it out with my hands while the tub laid on its side
- I have attempted to take a hammer to the top of the drive train to knock it out but no luck yet
- I have hit the top of the drive train with a hammer and had a neighbor pull on the bottom of the support assembly with no luck.Attached are some pictures so you can see what I'm working with. My concern is because the motor and everything else has been disconnected and the tub is out of the unit that somehow the drive train is engaged for lack of a better way to put it and I cannot pull the support assembly out. The only other ideas I have are:- set the bucketon something and take a 2x4 and set it on the top of the drive train and hammer it out
- if that doesn't work, then take a blow torch and heat the metal to a point where maybe the metal will contrast enough to loosen the drive train and knock it out with a hammer.But before resorting to these two measures I was hoping a seasoned professional such as yourself might have some alternative suggestions.Kind regards,Brian
Expert:  Kelly replied 1 year ago.

There is nothing else to try other than brut force and heat. The basket is stuck on the transmission shaft, there is nothing else holding it. The basket is shown at the link below, it shows it just as what you have it broken down to in your pictures.


You have done everything you need to do that would allow the tub to come out. It is just corroded in place. I have attached a few pages from the service manual, just to show you, too.

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