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I own a GE refrigerator PHG25PGTAFWW and about one month ago

Customer Question

Hi, I own a GE refrigerator PHG25PGTAFWW and about one month ago it stopped producing cold. I called the agent how said the INVERTER ASM COMP MOUNT (WR55X20106) needed replacing as it was not sending any power to the compressor. After being replaced, the refrigerator started to produce cold but it never got down to the set temperatures (-18º and 3º) staying at -5º and 7º for freezer and fridge. The technician then said there could be something wrong with the compressor because it never really picked up speed (aparently it is a 6 speed compressor) but decided to test the gas circuit. He said there was no vacum being produced and discovered the thicker bit in the copper circuit (don't know what that is called) was blocked. He changed it and re-charged the system with gas. Although the compressor started to work at the proper speed, the temperature never goes below -14º and 5º and what is even stranger is that it only goes that low during the day when doors are opening and closing. In the morning temperatures are at -8º and 7º. Yesterday he came back a decided to change the main control board (WR55X10595). This morning it made no diffference (-5º and 7º). What he did notice though is that for some reason and despite being well above the correct -18º and 3º it wasn't producing cold. After he unplugged and plugged the refrigerator it started to produce cold. It seems that somehow the refrigerator gives up and doesn't go down to the correct temperatures. What is even stranger is that after leaving it quiet throughout the night (not opening doors) the temp gets even higher. It is only when doors are opening and closing that it seems to produce more cold but in any case it has never got down to the correct temps. Thank you.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Tom Goellner replied 1 year ago.

Need to run a capacity test on the compressor. This is done by pinching the suction line closed ( there is a tool to perform this ) and see if the compressor will pull down to at least a 20 inch vacuum in two minutes or less. This being done with it's normal charge of refrigerant in the system. And then turning it off and see if it holds this vacuum. If it passes this test the compressor is functioning properly. Seems like the technician was on this track , but not sure what you meant when you stated " discovered the thicker bit in the copper circuit was blocked "

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
The technician did that and all if fine. By the thicker bit I mean there is a copper tube that goes in and out of the compressor and quite close to it the tube becomes wider and then goes back to a thin tube. I'm sure there is some name for that but in any case the compressor seems to be working properly. What is strange is that it only seems to keep producing cold air when the doors are opening and closing. If the doors are kept shut for a long period (at night) the temperature goes up.
Expert:  Tom Goellner replied 1 year ago.

You need to examine the evaporator in the fresh food side of the fridge ( unlike most refrigerators this one has TWO evaporators , one in the freezer and one in the fresh food side ) This evaporator is behind a cover on the back wall. If it is covered in white frost - that's the problem and usually the problem is the evaporator sensor is defective and not allowing this evaporator to go into defrost mode )