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I have a Kitchenaid Fridge model KSRG25FKSS04. I have had

Customer Question

I have a Kitchenaid Fridge model KSRG25FKSS04. I have had intermittant ice maker issues with it lately. I bought and installed a complete new ice maker assembly within the last year as well as replaced all the solonoid valves on the back the fridge. The maker was working for a while then stopped. I wiggled the rubber end of the supply line (just above the unit) that fills the ice maker and it worked again for a while.We recently went on a week long trip and it is no longer working. Wiggling the rubber end of the supply line just above the ice maker is not working this time. I think there may be a frozen line issue. What I am looking for is a complete set of diaganostic steps to check the entire system along with some trouble shooting recomendations. If someone can supply that, I will pay for this service. I would also like recommendations on a frozen line that doesnt involve having to unplug the fridge for hours/days. IS there a way to 'snake' the line?Thank you,
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Tyler Z. replied 1 year ago.

First, no you can not snake the line but let's not guess at what the problem is either until we can narrow down the possibilities. If you open the door first, look at the red light to the right, is it flashing 2 times and then pausing over and over? If you shut the flap on the left side and make a clear path from right to left, does the light turn solid?

OK, now look inside the icemaker itself, is there any ice or water in the icemaker mold? There are white fingers that push the ice out of the icemaker mold, what direction are they facing? Are they above the horizon or below? Pointing forward or backwards?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
ok - At my office now. My wife is at the store but will confirm the direction of the plastic fingers and the light pattern. I know the molds are empty (no water/ice) and I know the light blinks when the door is open and closing the flap either makes the light solid or go off - wife will confrim in a few. What I am saying is that in the past, wiggling the line appeard to break up some ice in the tip of the line, obstructing the flow of water and it DID start to work again. I think there may have been a deeper freeze in the line becuase we were gone a while and it wasnt working on a regular basis. still want to run through the steps though. Thanks,
Expert:  Tyler Z. replied 1 year ago.

ok well just let me know.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
When the door is open, the light binks red twice and then pauses and blinks twice again and so on. When the flap is held down, it takes a couple seconds, but the light goes solid red. The fingers are pointed up at about a 45deg angle from horizontal (point up and out of the unit toward the front top of the fridge).
Expert:  Tyler Z. replied 1 year ago.

OK perfect. so your emitter boards are working properly and the icemaker is in the proper position. You need to check for an ice blockage so pull the refrigerator forward and follow the water line down from the top of the freezer that comes from the icemaker. It goes down to the electronic water valve where you want to disconnect the water line. Blow through the water line to see if it's clear up to the icemaker. If not, then your best option is to use a hair dryer to heat up that black rubber tube so you can thaw out the fill tube because it's frozen. Now if the issue comes back a 3rd time, you'll also want to make sure the freezer isn't below 0 degrees or that can cause the water line to freeze when it shouldn't, and the other option is to replace the fill tube since there is a new one designed with a heater built into the fill tube so it doesn't freeze in the future. Replacing this fill tube is quite difficult due to it running through the ceiling of the freezer section. The part number for this kit is(###) ###-####

We are on the honor system here. Please remember to rate my service by selecting a star at the top of the screen before you leave today. If you need anything else, just let me know. You can continue asking follow-up questions at no additional charge after rating my service if you still need assistance.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Sounds good. Will try these things tonight when I am home. After trying will let you know. If successful, will rate and close ticket. Thank you.
Expert:  Tyler Z. replied 1 year ago.

have a nice day.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I still havent been able to pull out the fridge and try to blow out the line. I had to go out of town for a couple days. I did turn the freezer way down, but still no ice.
Expert:  Tyler Z. replied 1 year ago.

OK... well I have given you all the information you need to determine what needs to be done and get the icemaker running again.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Ok, so I finally had some time this weekend to pull the fridge out, disconnect the water line and blow through it. No ice came out - only air. It has had 8 hours now since I did that. No ice. No water dispensed into the ice tray. Therefore, I am not ready to close out this request - sorry. I would like to go back to a comment I made in my original question, "What I am looking for is a complete set of diaganostic steps to check the entire system along with some trouble shooting recomendations".If you dont have a link for a step by step trouble shooting guide - what would you recommend next?Thank you.
Expert:  Tyler Z. replied 1 year ago.

Sorry, I don't mind helping--in fact I love helping. And I never said for certain that the tube was frozen, but this is taking incredibly long and I only hear back from you every couple of days so at this point since you are not willing to pay for the time I am giving you until the problem is fixed and you're dragging this out--I'm going to opt out and wish you the best.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I am willing to pay - but you didn’t really tell me anything I didn’t know. I was out of town for a couple days (unexpectedly) and I have an actual job that requires I go to an office; therefore I am not here to trouble shoot very often. It is Saturday and I jumped on this first thing in the morning and gave it most of the day to see if it would work. It didn’t and I responded to you. Not sure what I am doing wrong, except inconveniencing the person who is supposed to be providing a service TO ME?? If you "opt out" I'm definitely not paying though. And how can I give a good rating if you quit on me - not even passing me to someone else?I originally asked for “a complete set of diagnostic steps to check the entire system”. You gave me steps 1 and 2. You could have written me ONE response and actually answered my question. From my perspective it is YOU that drug this out.
Expert:  Kelly replied 1 year ago.

Hi, welcome to Just Answer. My name is ***** ***** I look forward to helping you! The complete service manual for that ice maker is available below. The attached picture may also be of help to you.