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Bought used Hatco gra-84 strip heater; no wires connected to

Customer Question

bought used Hatco gra-84 strip heater; no wires connected to element or infinite switch; At my stainless shelf, I have wiring consisting of 2 wires leading back to breaker panel where each wire connects to a 1/2 inch, 20amp single-pole 120v breaker; i want to connect a switch-pilot light combo to the infinite switch (strip heater) as i want to leave dial on HI and only turn unit off & on, not adjusting temp dial.
so how do i wire it and is it a 240v infinite switch I need, or a 208v?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  shaithus1 replied 1 year ago.

Hi.. you wont be able to use a 120v incoming power to a unit that 208v.... the heater wont operate correctly...


Customer: replied 1 year ago.

is it not the infinite switch that makes it 208v? I was only assuming i would need a 208v switch since there are two 120v wires going to it. So how do i wire it correctly, with a 120v infinite switch?

If not using an infinite switch can I wiring it just using the switch-pilot combo so as to treat it much like a "light" that turns on & off, thereby never adjusting the temp level as with a dial?

I know the unit was previously wired and working with the wiring setup I described, I just don't know how.

Expert:  shaithus1 replied 1 year ago.

Hi... ok.. let me see if I understand....

is the heat lamp rated at 120v or 208v.... the infinite switch has to be rated at 120 or 208 depending on the element rating...if the element is 120v... use 120v...if it is 208..use 208.... if you put 208v supply to a 120v infinite switch or a 120v element the switch may blow.. and the element will glow brightly for a short while and then burn out... if you put 120v to an infinite switch rated at 208. it wont operate correctly and the 208v element will get warm but not hot.......

Now you can have single phase 208v... which would be two wires and a ground... 208 3phase is three wires plus a ground...

Now... I am not allowed to tell you to alter the equipment from original setup due to liability issues....

My suggestion to you is to call in a licensed electrician and tell them what you are wanting to do and let them help you....

It will be safer, less liability and easier on you...

You indicated at first that the wiring went to a 20amp single pole 120v breaker.. that means you have 120v single phase at the shelf... a 208v lamp will not work there.. you would need a licensed electrician to run wiring for 208 single phase and install a 208 single phase breaker....

let me know what you decide on...

thank you for using Just Answer...