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On a Manitowoc GY0804A ice machine. When this unit is first

Customer Question

On a Manitowoc GY0804A ice machine. When this unit is first turned on and after the 20 second time delay the water dump valve keeps on dumping water. I checked to see if the dump valve was still getting voltage after the 20 sec delay and it was 220v. My thoughts by looking at the schematic are that the dump valve timer is not opening up. Do you agree and where is it located?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Kcrand36 replied 1 year ago.

Hi James, I am Kevin, one of the tech's here on JA.

To answer one part of your question, YES, I do agree. If you are getting that voltage after the 20 seconds, I would agree that the switch is not opening. As to where that part is? That is a good question, I went through the service manual and could not find a part for it. I'm wondering if it is part a circuit board or some other timer on the machine.

I am attaching a test for the switch. What I would suggest based on the schematic is follow the wires back and find out where they are connected. This may lead you to the switch they are telling you to test.

Hope this helps..... Let me know how you make out.

Happy Holidays


Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I am like you I think its going to be in the printed board.
Expert:  Kcrand36 replied 1 year ago.

How old is the machine? Is it worth replacing? The board could be 300+, if the machine is 12-15 yrs or older certainly should consider replacing. You can disconnect the dump valve to buy some time, but not really good for a long time. The machine does have a float for water feed? If so, I would disconnect the dump valve for now, but really need to replace either the board or machine....... especially in the northeast USA market as health departments are rather tough out here.

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Thank you and Happy Holidays.