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Working on another GE WMCD2050HWC while I'm waiting new

Customer Question

Working on another GE WMCD2050HWC while I'm waiting for a new mode shifter for the one you helped me with over the weekend. Here's the symptoms on this one: The motor does not rotate at all. The LED light on motor does not light up, but the in-line fuse
shows continuity. The tub fills and drains as I would expect so timer seems to be working. I checked pin voltage at the motor per the manual and have correct voltage per manual description. I do not have any continuity through the mode shifter when timer shows
it to be in wash cycle. (Manual says I should have about 98Ohm resistance at room temp. It's only about 55 in my shop, but I get no reading at all on Ohm meter.) Even if no flashing LED (no light at all), could the lack of continuity through the mode shifter
indicate that to be the problem? Could it be the only problem or do I need to check something else as well? Note: I show in my notes that the first time I tested this machine (a couple days ago) that the wheel was rubbing on bottom pan but even with lift assist
to chassis, the motor rotated very slowly. I did not observe any movement today (second trial on this machine). I have corrected the rubbing issue so that is no longer a concern.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Kelly replied 1 year ago.

If you have power to the motor, the light should be flashing, whether just in normal mode (on flash, pause, one flash, etc). If it is not, the motor is faulty. The shifter coil is open, it will need to be replaced.