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I have a blodgett 981 pizza oven. Yesterday worked fine.

Customer Question

I have a blodgett 981 pizza oven. Yesterday worked fine. Today the burner is burning high and yellow and causing a black film (smoke) to get on my product. What could this be? I'm in an old building and my first thought was that maybe the chimney isnt giving adequate ventilation. Im confused and dont know who to call plus somebody that isnt going to rape me on charges. Can you help? Thanks scott

Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  shaithus1 replied 1 year ago.

Hi Scott... let me see if I can help... the black soot means your running rich... two things to check....first is the shutters on the front on the burner... you want to insure that they are clean... no build up of dust or debris... second thing to check is the gas regulator.... after verifying your shutters are clear... (do this with the oven off...cold.... after sweeping out the burner space... use an air compressor and blow air down the burner tubes... this should clear them... otherwise the burner has to be pulled and cleaned manually).... use a manometer and check manifold gas pressure... the information for the proper pressure is on the data plate... if your burner is clear and that reads low... or too high.. your regulator is bad.... now... let me give a warning... if the unit has been fine.. and the utility company has been working on the gas lines in your area... that can mess up the pressure coming in the building which can mess with the pressure on the regulator... usually it will mess with everything that runs of gas.... if the other equipment seems ok... then that probably is not the problem... just the regulator...

Now... we want to ensure also that the gas valve on the front of the unit is turned on fully... if you do all of this, pressures are good at the manifold.. you may have a failing gas thermostat... but lets take it one step at a time and get back with me on what you find.. so I can help further...

I do want to emphasize... if you are not familiar with working on gas units.... I highly suggest you contact your local commercial cooking equipment repair company... I do not know where you live... but there usually is a Hobart office in most big cities... there are some other good companies out there.... Atech, Fesco, are some I know.. again I don't know where you live... but if you have not used anyone yet... I would contact other restaurant owners in your area for recommendations..

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