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Appliance Tech Dave
Appliance Tech Dave, Home Appliance Technician
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Kitchen Aid Side by Side refrigerator my

Customer Question

Kitchen Aid Side by Side refrigerator
Hi, my freezer/refrigerator will loose its cooling capacity where the freezer defrosts but several hours later, the freezer and refrigerator will cool again as normal. And than the same thing happens again, warming up and starts to cool again. What can be wrong?
Thanks Edmund
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Appliance Tech Dave replied 1 year ago.

Hello, this is Dave. I will need you to provide me with a few details about what the refrigerator is doing when it warms up. Does it run constantly? It it making any clicking noises.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
something runs constantly and there is warm air coming out from underneath. No clicking noises.
Expert:  Appliance Tech Dave replied 1 year ago.

There should be warm air coming out underneath when it is cooling because that is the heat being removed from inside. There is a fan underneath in the back that blows the hot air out into the room. When it stops cooling does the air still blow out and is it cooler? Here is more information. The fan inside the freezer needs to run when the fan underneath runs. Also when the fans run the compressor underneath in the back needs to also be running. It makes a humming noise.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I have to monitor the next warm up cycle regarding your information. I have to get back with you later on my findings. Maybe several days out. How do I get back in touch with you again?
Expert:  Appliance Tech Dave replied 1 year ago.

Just respond the same way and I will be happy to help. If I don't hear from you for a few days I will send you a reply. Best wises.

Expert:  Appliance Tech Dave replied 1 year ago.


Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hello Dave, through Thanksgiving the refrigerator maintained a temp of 43deg.F and below. Since Friday the temps in the refrigerator section are 44 deg F and up to 47 deg. F.. Both fans are running and the compressor is extremely hot to the touch. The compressor does not seem to be running there is no vibration when I touch the hot unit. And than there are times when both fans are off.
Expert:  Appliance Tech Dave replied 1 year ago.

When both fans are off it means the temperature was reached inside and it shut off. It is normal for the compressor to be too hot to touch when it has been running for an hour or longer and it gets even hotter when the back is off because the air flow is not normal. Normal temps are 38 to 42 in the refrig and you should take a reading in water or other liquid that has been in there for at least 12 hours. Air temps fluctuate too much to be of value. It sounds like you may be okay now but get a liquid tem to be sure.

Expert:  Appliance Tech Dave replied 1 year ago.

Do you have an update on the refrigerator?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
far, the refrigerator is cooling as its used to, but I am still monitoring. Since I am scared about another water-leak (on laminate flooring), the freezer section is almost empty and the water line to the ice-maker is shut off. My plan is to install a new overload relay with capacitor next weekend, fill up the freezer section again, turn on the ice-maker and hope for the best.
Expert:  Appliance Tech Dave replied 1 year ago.

Thanks, Let me know if you need help. Best wishes.