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Bob L Your Appl Pal, Home Appliance Tech
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I have a maytag type 21mfa 32" refrigerator with top freezer

Customer Question

i have a maytag type 21mfa 32" refrigerator with top freezer ,had it for about year and half
but recently we been haveing water drip into refrig and the bottom shelf in the freezer seems to have a thin layer of ice on it .we clean it offen so theres no dust around fan area.
so whats the probelm
Thanks *****
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Bob L Your Appl Pal replied 1 year ago.

Ken..Your problem is very common..The defrost drain in the freezer is blocked..The drain is located just behind the INSIDE freezer wall at the middle area..What happens is the drain becomes frozen..Once frozen on the next cycle of defrost the defrosted water will have no where to go but backup into the freezer and down the vents to the fridge..This is why you are seeing water inside the fridge..You can remove the INSIDE wall to the freezer then thaw the drain..Or the best route to take is to unplug the fridge over night with the doors open..This will thaw the drain completely and your problem will be solved.