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Xxxxx, and I have a Frigidaire refrigerator Serial #

Customer Question

My name is ***** ***** , and I have a Frigidaire refrigerator Serial # ***** which is not working, since Thursday 24th of Sept. It is only five months old, I called the customer support line yesterday, they said that the earliest I can get an appointment is on October 9th. I explained to them that I am a 62 year old woman and live in Northern CA., I can't be without a Fridge for Two weeks while we are having a heat wave right now, than they said the only thing they could do is have someone call me on Monday or Tuesday, because they have no Service provider for my zip code which is 94538 I called twice, and I got the same answer, and when I asked to speak to a supervisor I was put on hold for God knows how long and than was told that the supervisors did not want to come to the phone, because they could not tell me anything else and they would give me the same answer. I asked to be connected to the satisfaction line so I could let someone know how dissatisfied I was with Frigidaire's customer's support service, the agent very unprofessionally hung up the phone in my ear. I had also asked for the corporate address and a name of someone in charge of customer relations to send a letter too, the agent told me she does not know the address and does not have a name to give me.
My question is how does Frigidaire sells refrigerators in my area and does not have a repair shop available in my area to work with in emergencies like this, because this is an emergency , that is unacceptable. I don't live in Timbuktu or in the Boonies I live right near two of the biggest cities in Northern CA.
I called a repair center which is open 7 days a week from 8 am till 8 pm and they came and told me that it will cost me $500.00 to fix it because the motherboard is bad and some wires were connected wrong and there is no charge or electricity going to them.
I don't have $500.00, and I was also told that since the fridge was still under warranty I should not have someone else look at it.
hat am I supposed to do??????????
How in Gods name does a refrigerator that is just 5 months old and is still under warranty, breaks down like that, that's what I want to know, I don't understand
What do I do know with all my food spoiling in my Fridge when will someone come and take a look at this refrigerator.
Well I sure hope that you can help, because no one else could.
Mavis xxxx
xxx xxx Ca,. xxxx
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Appliance Guru replied 1 year ago.

Hello and thanks for using this service, if you have been waiting do not worry or get upset I am just one of the techs on here, I try to get to as many customers as I can and I just picked up your question now. Please give me time to respond as typing, researching and adding links takes me time to do so. Please be patient and often I will ask you questions to narrow down the issue to get you an accurate diagnosis.

Is the unit running, fans and lights? Also is it totally warm?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
after the repair man left yesterday it ran again the freezer as well as the fridge but this morning when I woke up it is all dead again Nothing works the light is also off.
Expert:  Appliance Guru replied 1 year ago.

OK so nothing works at all no lights or anything? If so can you plug it into a different out or an extension cord somewhere else?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
No I cannot be cause the cord is to short and I cannot move the fridge
Expert:  Appliance Guru replied 1 year ago.

Ok if nothing is running no lights or anything, I think you have a power issue, check your circuit breaker to see if anything is tripped also check for any popped GFI outlets in your kitchen. If you can go to a neighbor or get someone to help you move it and get an extension cord to plug it into a another source, this units does not use a board so I think this is strictly an outlet/power issue. I can not help with much more information than that so you have to check those things and get it plugged into a good outlet that you know works for sure!

We are on the honor system for our time, all I ask is please rate my service using the STAR rating link on your page before you leave. If you are not happy with the service please let me know before leaving a negative rating. This is the only way I am paid and credited through the site for my time. This will also allow you to get directly back to me for FREE follow up questions and tips are greatly appreciated! Thanks

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
How much is this going cost me, I already paid $ to the repair man that came to the house yesterday I thought you guys were with Frigidaire that's why I contacted you, but now I am seeing you are different people you are not with the Co. this fridge is stll under warranty, it should not cost me so much to fix it it should not have broken down in the first place. I only agree to the $5 trial, I really don't want to pay any more.
Expert:  Appliance Guru replied 1 year ago.

Yes Mavis that is fine just rate my service 3 stars or higher as it is Sunday and I try to help people on these days when you have no one else.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
but system says it will cost me $5 and if I am satisfied with the service would have to pay $37 now you guys already charged my account With $37 dollars and I did not even got an answer yet not to mention satisfactory one, so let me try what you said let's see if it will work I am gonna get an extension cord.
Expert:  Appliance Guru replied 1 year ago.

OK try that and get back to me please Mavis do not give me a poor rating thanks, ***** ***** doing my best here to help you.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
it did not work I tried another plug in the kitchen but my taster is plugged in the same outlet and it works, and everything in my kitchen that is plugged in works my stove my microwave in different plugs and the same one as the Fridge. So now it has cost me already almost $80 dollars $40 to the repair man and $37 to you and my fridge still does not work
Expert:  Appliance Guru replied 1 year ago.

Mavis I have been paid nothing at all so take care!!

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
But my card is charged so who got paid