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On my sharp floor aircnditiioner I have drained the water.

Customer Question

on my sharp floor aircnditiioner I have drained the water. It will run for a little while, then shuts down and all 3 lights blink as when it needs draining.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Phil replied 1 year ago.


The pump inside the unit that pumps the water outside through the hot air exhaust duct has failed, or the electronic control board that controls it has failed.. and needs to be replaced. If you take the unit out for repairs, there is about a 50% chance one of the local shops will do the job for you, costs will be about half of what it costs to buy a new unit.

(We are living in an age of disposable chinese appliances, that are repairable at one dollar an hour labor rates in china, but not at $100 an hour labor rates in the US, Canada and the EU)

If you are very handy working on appliances, and have a lot of patience you can fix this yourself, however these Chinese built units were never meant to be worked on, it can be difficult getting the parts also.

Tell me a lot about your technical skills and about how old the unit is, and the model number of the unit, we can go from there without a time limit as needed.


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