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I have a Kenmore Elite Quiet Pak II Heavy Duty size Total

Customer Question

I have a Kenmore Elite Quiet Pak II Heavy Duty King size Total care system with Evenheat (model *********** that will not stay on. When we press the “push to start” button the motor will turn on and stay on as long as the button is held down but then will turn off as soon as the button is released regardless of the control settings. The air does NOT heat up no matter how long the button is held down. I followed a previous tread on this but have not been able to resolve the problem (
After pulling the drum & vacuuming out all the lint I have tried/checked in order:
1) Inspecting the control board (PN(###) ###-#### =no obvious damage
2) Swapping the motor and heater relays (PN(###) ###-#### = the problem remains the same.
3) Checking continuity of the red & black terminals of the timer (PN) when set to run =0.5 ohm, within spec
4) Checking continuity of the Thermal Fuse on the blower (PN(###) ###-#### =0.5 ohm, within spec
5) Checking continuity of the Operating Thermister on the blower (PN(###) ###-#### =8 ohm @80 degrees , within spec
6) Checking continuity of the Thermal Cut Off Fuse on the heater bar (PN(###) ###-#### =0.5 ohm, within spec
7) Checking continuity of the High Limit Thermostat (PN(###) ###-#### =0.5 ohm, within spec
8) Checking continuity of the heating element (no PN ) =10 ohm, within spec
I next jumped out the door closed and interior light interlocks and the belt tensioner engaged interlock and was able to verify the that the centripetal switch in the motor is engaging when the push to start is pressed and releases when I let go of the switch (yes, I was VERY careful).
At this point I have exhausted the items that are obvious to me. My remaining guesses: a) replacing the control board and b) going through the circuit diagram for the centripetal switch to the control board both will cost significantly more time / money than what I have done far. I am a mechanical engineer but I recognize that this is getting out of my level of experience and into the professional level of troubleshooting and I am asking for advice.
What else would you suggest I try? Thank You in advance.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Appliance Medic replied 1 year ago.

Hi, the motor not switching from start to run could cause this and so would the board. 99% of the time the board is the problem. I've never seen the motor cause this issue only heard about it. I've replaced a few of these boards in the last 15 years or so... You need to replace the even heat board would be my educated guess.

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