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RJ, Appliance Tech.
Category: Appliance
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Experience:  Norcold, Dometic, Atwood, Suburban repairs
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Customer Question

Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  RJ replied 2 years ago.

Hi my name is Robert..

Sorry for the delay, this error 13 code might not be an easy fix. Need to start by checking the fuses on the module board, the module board will be located under the outside access panel. Unplug the fridge before checking the fuses. Click HERE for a service manual and it will explain the details on the code, if you have a volt meter you can do some testing on this........

"Er 13":
The fault is detected as "open circuit" to the heating element in the water drain.
Possible faults:
- Loose wires in cable connector that is connected to P5.
- Wrong or loose connections in the interconnection box inside the freezer
- Broken element (heating element has to be replaced)
The fuse F6 also serves this heating element, but if the fuse is blown "Er 12" will be
shown, as it has priority over "Er 13".
Switch OFF the refrigerator.
Measure with an ohm-meter between cables connected to pins 2 and 5 in the
connector P5 on the power module. The measurement can be made without
disconnecting P5. If the resistance is significantly greater than about 15 ohms, there is
a fault in the element or in the wiring

At the rear wall of the freezer compartment there is an interconnection box where the
defrosting element in freezer, the defrosting element in water drain and the fan in the
freezer are interconnected to a common cable harness through the rear wall and down
to the power module. The freezer defrosting element is connected to a tab connector
block. The heater in the drain bin and the fan have each a two pole Molex MiniFit
Note that the freezer defrosting element must be connected with the marked wire
connected to ground (the black wire) so that the overheating protection fuse will be at
the positive side. Note also that the two Molex connectors must be connected
correctly. The connectors should be positioned so that wires with white insulation (to
heating element in drain) are connected to wires with white and yellow insulation.
The fan is connected to wires with red and black insulation. Interchange of the two
Molex connectors could damage the power module.
At the power module these cables end up in the connector P5 (fan and drain heater)
and as separate wires (freezer defrosting element) connected to chassis ground and to
tab connector J5.

If you are satisfied with my effort please feel free to select a rating it is the only way I get credit....