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My RV fridge has unexpectedly switched from landline

Customer Question

My RV fridge has unexpectedly switched from landline electric to gas with the green light flashing three times every few seconds. The first time it happened we were connected to power for three days on the fourth day it mysteriously switched and after checking all fuses, and ensuring the back was clean and free from debree it seemed to correct itself overnight?? The second time it happened was about a month later, when we had been connected to power for only a day and the same symptoms appeared and corrected itself.
We are planning a five week trip many miles from home and in the USA from Canada and should we be concerned about these symptoms causing us to loose the operation of our fridge? Is there a fix for this problem? If yes, what is it?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Randall replied 2 years ago.

When it switches over to LP mode from the AC mode it is telling you that the AC is not available. That can happen due to a number of causes. IF you are sure that the AC is still on and available to the rest of your coach, then it is most likely the control board OR a bad AC breaker in the power center that may be opening up. It might be just a dirty connection as well. Most of the time when the heating element fails, it goes all at once. Best way to track this down is to wait until it happens and then take a digital multimeter and do some testing to find out where the AC power source is missing. IF it is still available TO the control board and the AC fuse on the board shows it is intact and tight, then the board may be failing. Replacement should be an aftermarket board made by Dinosaur Electronics as they are far superior to the OEM boards and have an outstanding warranty should you ever need it. If you aren't well suited to doing this testing, you might consider calling a mobile tech to come over and assist you. Takes just a few minutes as a rule to track this down. IF you do need to respond, please include the Norcold model number for me. Hope that proves helpful here. Thanks for coming to Just Answer with your question! R.J.