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I have an older professional style Jenn Air Refrigerator

Customer Question

I have an older professional style Jenn Air Refrigerator model number JS48SEDBFA. And are having two issues, I'm not sure they are related or not. The first is we are having ice build up inside the freezer. There is a fan at the top of the freezer and water is building up inside and blocking the fan as well as dripping down the door.
The second issue is water is leaking from the two tubes that feed return water from the water dispenser coil up inside the fridge possibly?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Phil replied 2 years ago.


Ice build up is caused by several things:

1. Improperly adjusted low pressure cut out control found on the older refrigerators

2. A slight under charge of refrigerant.

3. A dirty evaporator coil (check both sides of the coil).

4. In the case of the freezer side, icing is caused by a defective electrical defrost element or time clock with the defrost not set properly.


There is no water dispenser on those units. There IS however a condensate drain line, a tube from which should be fit to drain the water to a heated pan near the bottom of the refrigerator where it can evaporate.

None of this is something that a layman can repair. If you can tell me which direction you are from the center of the nearest town or city I will most likely be able to locate a specialist in these older model units for you.

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Relist: Answer quality.
Not to be rude but unfortunately none that was very helpful. I have an Angie's list account if I wanted to find a repair person locally I would have just done that. I am seeking detailed instructions on diagnosing the problem myself.