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Bob L Your  Appl Pal
Bob L Your Appl Pal, Home Appliance Tech
Category: Appliance
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We have a double wall oven from 1968....power went off suddenly....whe

Customer Question

we have a double wall oven from 1968....power went off suddenly....when it returned the oven didn't come on.....I checked all the circuit breakers....all ok....still no power to they have a fuse somewhere?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Bob L Your Appl Pal replied 2 years ago.
Hello..It is my Pleasure To Be Working With You Today...Some do have a fuse some do not..What you will need to do is pull the unit out and first check the wiring to the oven for any burnt areas..Normally where the homes power connects to the oven located at the back..If the oven has a fuse..It will be in the back as well behind the metal covering.