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24cgp10 Pilot lights up but gas just won't fire

Customer Question

Pilot lights up but gas just won't fire
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  shaithus1 replied 2 years ago.
Hi.. Im Phillip, let me see if I can help...remove the left side cover, turn the unit on both cavities... and observe the water level probes... they should be to clear vessels with probes inside... as the boiler fills those fill and then the filling stops when the water reaches the top probe...when the water reaches the longer of the two it should fire off and heat...if the water is not filling... then you have to check to see if the water fill solenoid valves are working... if they are your boiler may be limed up... or full of limescale... even If you delimed it regularlyif the water does fill and the unit still does not fire off your ignition modules may be bad... I need to know if you have two boilers or only one...they are in the back of the or two stacks..your igniter could fire the pilot but not turn on the gas valve... if it does not sense the pilot flame it will try a few times and then quit.. if it does sense the flame ..the pilot will stay lit and voltage should be at the gas valve if no voltage bad module.. let me know what you find and I will try to help further....If you get water after a very long time... after unplugging it.. you might try to remove one of the small 3 x 2 access panels on the side of the boiler where there appears to be a lead going in.. do this carefully.. if you remove the nuts and slightly pull the panel you can see if there is evidence of lime flakes...if there is... (not a thin film but lots of debris) then you will need to contact a service company and have the boilers cleaned out... BE AWARE... this is costly.. and if they find that the seams have separated due to expansion of the lime... your boilers will have to be replaced....
Expert:  shaithus1 replied 2 years ago.
Oops its the right side cover... sorry... different unit...