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Tyler Z.
Tyler Z., Appliance Doc
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GE dishwasher PDW7880J10SS only has 3 buttons that work and

Customer Question

GE dishwasher PDW7880J10SS only has 3 buttons that work and start is not one of them. All buttons functioned until I replaced a bad control board. Upon reassembly only the rinse, cookware, and 1-9hr delay buttons beep and change the display. I'm wondering if I broke the keyboard or ribbon cable somehow while installing the new control board. I put the old board back in to see if the keyboard would at least regain functionality but it only has the same 3 buttons working. Is there a reset I need to do or did I just cause more damage? I tried several versions of powering off to reset but nothing seems to work.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Tyler Z. replied 2 years ago.
Those ribbon cables get very brittle as time goes on and sometimes even just moving them around when replacing the display board will cause the ribbon cable to fail. You can try to clean up the end of the ribbon cable with a pencil eraser and if it's just making bad contact that should fix the problem. If that doesn't fix the issue, you'll need to order and replace the touch panel because they have failed.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
So use the eraser at the very end of the ribbon cable (black plastic with the 15 contacts)? Is there a wiring diagram or chart that indicates which contacts correlate to each key?
Expert:  Tyler Z. replied 2 years ago.
Yes that is correct. And no, there is not a wiring diagram for the touchpad itself. It's manufactured by someone else for GE.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
There was no way to use an eraser on the ends of the ribbon cable as the end was already in a black plastic connector. I ended up peeling the front film off the touch pad from the right side to expose where the ribbon cable connects to the circuit board. What I found was part of the ribbon cable had "broken off" and was sticking to a piece of plastic. This allows 4 of the ?copper? paths to have gaps. I used rear window defogger repair liquid to reconnect and it is working like new.
Expert:  Tyler Z. replied 2 years ago.
Ok well I'm glad you were able to get the ribbon cable working again, hopefully it continues.