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The burner on my Wolf range keeps clicking

Customer Question

the burner on my Wolf range keeps clicking
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Jon replied 2 years ago.
Which burner is it that keeps clicking? And what is the full model number of the range? Do all the burners click or just that one?
There are some quick things to look for first. If this is the most used burner then please check to see if the burner is dirty. most times when a burner does click but doesnt light it is because of a dirty burner that wont light. And all it needs is a good cleaning with a wire brush or steel wool. if the flow of gas gets obstructed by the dirt or debris from cooking it will not light. And cleaning with a good wire brush or steel wool will do the trick.
If the burner is not dirty then try lighting with either a long stem match or bbq lighter. If it does light then you know the burner is good along with the valve. And if it lights that is good thing. And usually means the igniter or spark module itself is bad. But you will most likely find that it will not light and all it needs is a good cleaning.
Check that and get back to me here tomorrow and let me know what you have found and I will help you more.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Model is GR366. It appears only one is clicking. The burner lights just continues to click when all the nobs are turned off. It started happening right after my wife cleaned the range this evening.
Expert:  Jon replied 2 years ago.
Okay. Thank you for that information. If the burner just keeps clicking then you will need to replace the spark module. The model number you gave doesnt come back as a good number. Please try looking under the front kick plate for the full model and serial plate or sticker. With that info I would be able to get you the part info for the spark module. And be able to tell if your model has its own spark module behind the burner switch or in the range top that controls a whole side of burners.
Just please try to look for that model number and I can help you more. But I do know that if the burner just just tries to ignite and keeps ticking, even with the switch off, you will need a new spark module.