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Bryan, have a LG WM2301H Front-load washer; started leaking just la

Customer Question

HI Bryan, have a LG WM2301H Front-load washer; started leaking just last night. Did very through cleaning, all the door seals, draining and flushing from front-hose, cleaning the filter, removing and cleaning soap/softener components. Cleaned up the big puddle, then ran an empty tub-clean cycle to test. I didn't see anymore puddles. Yeah! Ran another load of clothes, huge puddle extending 3 feet out. There is no water leak from door or down front; no water visible at rear, both hoses and drain hose are dry from one end to the other, and not water trace on back of washer. Puddle seeps out from under the LG accessory drawer the washer sits on. The ONLY water I can find (except under the drawer assembly where it has collected) is at the far left corner of the washer. Just a few drops, but there. All I can figure is that corrugate "drain pipe" with three holes that I've seen on You-tube has been problematic with some of these. But, not sure, mine is newer than those shown.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Checked more, with a flashlight; can't see any water pooling on top of the storage drawer (washer is on top); almost has to be dripping from either the back left corner ( the only place I could see/feel water besides floor), OR at right back corner, which is next to dryer and I can't really see well enough to be sure. NOTHING on front side, and would have to show up on top of drawer if leaking from front "bottom" area of washer. What would leak and only come out on back edge of washer and drip right down drawer to floor (or maybe drawer slightly tilted towards back, but still has to be "on back side" of the washer).
Expert:  MRANSWER replied 2 years ago.
I have found that most of these mystery leaks come from the dispenser housing. Take off the top and see if anything is wet when this runs. No one can tell you where a leak is from with 100% accuracy unless it can be seen though, so please no BAD SERVICE ratings for that. I am here and you are with it and you cannot find it. Pull the washer out from the wall take off the back panel too and simply see where all this is from. Get the dryer out of the way if you need to for now. You will need to see inside the washer to solve this.