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Randy,I am Willie, I just bought a Sam sung second hand

Customer Question

Hi Randy,
I am Willie, I just bought a Sam sung second hand and I got an error code d5 then it went a way, but the washer won't start it just gives a little hum, the the door lock symbol comes up and then another little hum for about 3 min, then nothing. This is the front loading kind?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  ApplianceTech replied 2 years ago.
The error code is DS (door switch)which looks like D5 The code means the washer thinks the door is open or unlocked during the cycle.The door lock has to be checked to see if it is operating properly. If its not getting close/open signal, then the problem is related to faulty door locking assembly. Check to see if any blockage causing the door not to close or the door lock strike is faulty causing this problem.This has to be checked to confirm the fault.Let me know what you find or if this is all the info you need, please take the time to rate my help to you for JA today. Your place will be kept if you have any further issues to ask me after rating my help.Thanks