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Dear Expert, I have a Whirlpool Model # XXXXX 5100VQ0 Clothes

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Dear Expert,
I have a Whirlpool Model # XXXXX 5100VQ0 Clothes Washer. I found the washing basket full of water and it would not drain out. I had to bucket the water out and dispose of the water to be able to move it out of place. At first, it would when I would turn the dial, the motor would sound like it is getting power, with that electrical humming in the background, but the basket would not move. After numerous tries, the humming stopped and it appears the motor has ceased to engage. I looked at the back of the washer it appears that there are plastic hooks through the metal paneling, with a few screws to remove. It has a plastic moulding around the back panel that appears like the panel would come off, but I have no diagrams or anything to give me a starting point to pen the back and look at the motor or possibly a fuse link from the power harness to the motor. Are there any diagrams out there or can you give me an idea of where I can start diagnosing what the problem may be? Thank you
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You likely have something stuck inside the pump assembly. Often a sock gets stuck in the pump and the unit will not spin then. The motor will try to engage but stall since the pump is coupled to it. Watch this video and check the pump. Take the hoses off and look inside it for a sock or something. I bet that is the issue. If it is not get back to me and all I ask is that you rate my service before leaving thank you!

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

What is the easiest way to remove the cowling from the washer without damaging anything prior to exposing the pump and motor assembly. I'm a little confused, even though it is probably second nature for you. Is there another video that shows what steps are taken to remove the metal panel in back or the cowling? Thank you for what you did send me, I just need oe more piece of information to give me the confidence to open it up. Thanks


Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Do I really have to disassemble the basket to get to the pump housing? Can I not take the back panel off to expose the pump on this model. The video you directed me did not elaborate on a bottom pump repair exposure. Sorry to be so specific. If the top down approach is the only way to get to the pump and I would have to remove the basket, then ok, but I would think there may be a more direct way?


No you do not remove the basket at all. You need to remove the cabinet only and the pump is right down in the front of the machine. There are two retaining clips holding it onto the motor. Should take about 5 minutes to get to it. This video shows just what you need to do

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