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What does F2 code mean

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What does F2 code mean
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Do you have a model number so I can see what this error code means for your model number?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

model #11047781700

perfect. So error F2 means that your washer isn't draining properly.  There is a drain catch inside the washer that you will want to access and clean if you're getting this drain error.  To access the drain catch, tip the machine backwards and lean it against the wall at a 45 degree angle or so.  Remove the 3 screws along the bottom of the lower front panel.  The lower front panel will then pull down and off.  There is a 3" diameter plastic twist cap directly under the tub mounted to the floor.  This is your drain cap.  Unscrew the cap and clear any debris inside the drain catch.  Be careful when you unscrew the cap because some water will come out even though the unit is tipped backwards.  Also, make sure to have lots of towels ready or a wet vac if you happen to have one.  If you find nothing and the drain hose is clear, replace your drain pump.

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

The washer works fine on the white/white cycle, could the drain work on one cycle but not another?

Not usually no. But I'd still check the drain catch and be sure. If it definitely works on one cycle and not another, the interface control board would be bad and would need to be replaced.

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