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Rick, Repair Guy
Category: Appliance
Satisfied Customers: 686
Experience:  25 years service experience as a technician. Experienced on both high end and regular appliances.
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I have a maytag natural gas dryer model mgd09700sqo. 80% of

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I have a maytag natural gas dryer model mgd09700sqo. 80% of the time I smell gas while it is operating. Is there a chance that the gas valve gets stuck open?

Rick :

Hello my name isXXXXX will assist you

Rick :

It is very odd to get a valve that does not close allowing gas all the time.

Rick :

A more likely reason is airflow.

Customer: Airflow?
Rick :

I would check the vent

Rick :

Do you have any idea how long the vent is?

Customer: We have checked it and it appears clear
Customer: I will measure. It is hard piped. Would the length be an issue?
Rick :

Sometimes, if you remove the vent from the rear of the dryer, can you see any lint build up

Customer: Ok. The length of the pipe coming out the back to the outside is about 6 feet
Rick :

Do you smell the gas everytime?

Customer: Yes more often then none.
Customer: I always thought it was a gas valve issue, but you are saying that is rare.
Rick :

have you done anything to the unit ? There is a pipe inside the dryer if that were to come apart you would have a issue like this.

Customer: No, I have never touched a ything
Customer: anything.
Rick :

I would recommend removing the top and the front panel, and then cleaning everything you see. you will see lint they all have it. Then you will have accesss to the pipe I am talking about

Customer: I will have my husband check it out. Thanks. It is so annoying, I am ready to just get rid of it and buy another dryer. Between that and the front load washer getting musty. Going back to the plain jane ones!!! Thank a lot. Have a nice day.
Rick :

You are very welcome, please rate my answers before you leave. There is alot to be said for the plain jane huh?

Customer: Ok. I will.
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