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I have a 5 burner Gas GE Monogram ZGU660 ES that was installed

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I have a 5 burner Gas GE Monogram ZGU660 ES that was installed in 1994.

I have two problems:
1) The large burner on front right lights and ignitor sparks, but after it is lit, the ignitor still keeps sparking even when the burner is lit. This also makes the center burner spark as well.
the other small burners will spark, light and when lit all the sparking stops...
Is this a problem with the ignitor or is there some flame sensor that is broken that isn't telling the ignitor that it is lit?

2) My right big LEFT front burner does not spark so clearly the ignitor is not working there.
Are these two problems related?

3) Can I install these ignitors myself or do I need a technican to do this?


Thanks for your question. Please remember to rate my assistance when we're done. Please talk with me first before rating negatively.

You may have two different issues going on here. First you need to make sure the small holes on the burner manifold are clean so the flame is touching the electrode tip after it lights. They often become clogged or something is not put back together right after cleaning making them flame not hit the spark electrode to send feedback to the module to stop sparking. Secondly if the flame is touching and hitting the electrode metal tip good and solid, but it still sparks you should take some emery paper or fine sandpaper and clean off the top metal electrode really good. Often they get dirty causing a bad signal back to the module.

Now for the one that is not sparking this is not likely related to the other issue at all. More thank likely you have a bad valve switch on that particular burner. You would have to disassemble the unit to get at the microswitch that is bad. Once of them is no longer available, but they are common microswitches and you could get a different style one and swap over the actuator lever. This is a big job as the unit has to be split apart so I am not sure if you want to tackle that or not, but that should be the issue for both problems.

All I ask is that you rate my assistance and tips are greatly appreciated. Thanks

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Both things you suggested did not work on the burner that is still sparking when lit.
Now what?
If the burner is still sparking when lit you may have a bad electrode. You should swap one that you know works with the one that is not working then try it out. If it still does not work then you would have a bad spark module. Check that out and see.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
is the electrode the same thing as the ignitor or something else? If it is something else, please provide me with the correct part number so I can order it.
If the electrode is the same thing as the spark ingitor, can I replace that myself or do I need a professional?

Regarding Spark Module. is it true that there is only one Spark Module for the entire unit ? If so and if all the other burners are working...would that indicate that the spark module is it an all or none proposittion with the spark module?
The electrode or ignitor are the same thing. I need your complete model to get you the correct part numbers there are a couple more letters and numbers after your series that are missing. You need to look under the unit on the tag to get the complete model.

Regarding the spark module, there is only one for the unit and when you turn any burner on they all spark. Based on what you have going on, there is a small chance the module could be bad, but you really should swap one electrode with another to make sure it is a bad electrode. If the same burner does not stop sparking then I would replace the module. Also for the dead one you need a switch on the burner valve.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
ZGU660 ES BG - 1994 Model Year

can I replace the ignitor without taking off the top of the range...i.e. just take out the burner with the little screw in the middle?

Or do I need a service professional to do this.

My whole goal is to get the righ part number, and then figure out if I can do the replacement or I need a professional?

If you can answer those two questions, I will be happy to rate you highly and get you paid.
The electrode is here CLICK...look at the pic to see if it looks correct.

You need to take the whole top off as there is a clip that holds it from underneath. You may be able to sneak it out by just removing the burner, but I doubt it. If you have little experience in taking things apart like this I would get a professional. Most times screws can get seized and other problems can occur when trying to tackle this kind of job. The best advice I can give you is call someone. I do them all the time and this one can be a pain to do even for an experienced tech.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Ok. Called GE Tech Service and they advised me to order the part so that when the technician comes he can put it in. This saves a trip charge for just analyzing the problem, then coming back to install.
So we are down to ordering the right part number.

Since I gave you the full model number, can you provide me the part number to order?

I will order 2 electrode ignitors.

Then we will be done.
Ok that electrode number I gave you is the same for all the can order two, but I would also order this for the left burner that does not click at all. CLICK HERE That switch is likely bad and the reason the left burner does not click at all. That should be all the parts you need.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
This is very helpful. But one question does your part for electrode WB13K5058 compare with This part number for electrode that I got from another souce (for what I thought was same part)...AP2020590 from - is it the same thing, just with AP's number?

It is the same part...they just use there own numbers.

All I ask is that you rate my service and tips are appreciated:)
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.
they absolutely have been helpful and I so apprediate your patience. I will rate you as excellent - you have been well worth the money !!