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I was moving my stove around (model CPLES399EC8) while it was

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I was moving my stove around (model CPLES399EC8) while it was plugged in. The door was open and I noticed the interior lights were very dim. The plug appeared loose in the wall so I pushed it in and that seemed to resolve the problem. After cleaning behind the stove I tried one of the smooth top burners and there was no power to any of the burners. It may be worth mentioning that one of the control knobs was damaged a year ago, but that didn't cause any problems with the other controls. I checked breakers in the fuse box and they weren't tripped, I reset them anyway and still no power. I took the front control panel off and there wasn't any burned out parts or wires. Also checked to see if the high temp switch was tripped and it's ok. I'm stumped!
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So the control panel can't stop all the coktop burners from heating. The only thing that can stop all the cooktop burners from heating is the oven is not getting 240 volts to it and rather it's only getting 120 volts. You'll need to pull the stove out and remove the back access panel where the power cord connects to the back of the dryer. Check for any burnt wires on the power cord and if you don't see any, you need to use a multimeter to test power between the 2 outside posts on the terminal block to see if you have 240 volts between the 2 outside posts. If not, then you know you have something between the stove and the house circuit breaker that is stopping power from getting to the stove. If you do have 240 volts, remove the back panel of the entire oven and look for broken wires after the terminal block because those would be the only option.

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks for your reply Tyler. I have removed the back of the oven and there appears to be nothing wrong, no loose/burnt wires on the terminal block or anywhere. I have removed the control panel again and recheck, still nothing found. Is it possible for the oven to work completely fine and not the stove top? I used a vol tic and found power going to all of the burners when I hold it over the glass. All of the control knobs have power going to them as well.

I guess I wasn't aware that the oven was still working. If the oven still works, then your oven is getting 240 volts. Check to see if there is a padlock symbol under the time on your display. If so, then your cooktop is in lockout mode because the oven thinks that the door lock is not in the open position. Try to start a self clean cycle and cancel it 60 seconds later to see if the lock resets. If you don't have a padlock symbol on the display and the cooktop burners won't work, it's really just down to a bad transformer which is the only part that would stop all the burners from working. Below is a link to the part so you know what you're looking for.