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On a MIELE G841 dishwasher what does the setting of "SANIWASH"

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On a MIELE G841 dishwasher what does the setting of "SANIWASH" mean?
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Sani Wash means that the dishwasher is set for a cycle for sanitizing normally soiled dishware with dried on food.

Sani Wash differs from the other settings in that it has an extended wash time of 2 - 4 minutes longer than the other two settings. The normal150 and normal130 settings both have an additional prewash cycle that the sani wash setting does not provide.

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanx for the good feedback but please let me clarify (for my definitive edification), to wit:

>Normal (regardless of which temp setting)=Pre-wash + 'normal' wash cycle.

>Sani-wash=No pre-wash + extended time wash cycle.

So therefore:

>If one scrapes the 'dirty dishes clean BEFORE washing (e.g. such as gooey, caked-on crusty food remnants), then 'NORMAL' cycle (regardless of which temp setting is chosen) would be APPROPRIATE.

>If one DOES NOT scrape clean the 'dirty' dishes BEFORE washing (e.g. where such scraping would probably be redundant, such as old cups or glasses that are merely mildly dusty because, say, they were kept in some form of long term storage) then 'SANIWASH' cycle would be APPROPRIATE.

Is the above formulation/understanding of mine (in your opinion) correct or not?

That is correct.

If you are scraping the food off of the dishes prior to loading into the dishwasher then the normal130 would be sufficient.

If the dishes are dirty with stubborn dried on foods then the saniwash would be sufficient because it is providing the extended wash time and at the higher temperature of 150 degrees F.

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