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when my automatic top load washing machine spin cycle is ending

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when my automatic top load washing machine spin cycle is ending i hear a loud gear noise until it comes to a complete stop.
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So does the washer have a gear noise the entire time it's trying to spin or does it just have a gear noise after the washer has finished spinning and it's trying to slow the basket down?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

just makes noise when it's slowing down

OK so if the noise only happens when the tub is slowing down, your basket/brake drive is going out and would need to be replaced. Below is a link to the basket drive you'd need to order and replace. Unfortunately it's not very easy to replace because it requires you to drop the transmission and will also require a spanner wrench to remove the nut under the agitator that holds the inner basket onto the basket drive. This may be better left to a technician, but that's completely up to you dpending on how handy you are if you think you can do the repair yourself. The part is normally about $100 depending on the exact model number.

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