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I have a GE Profile fridge. The water from the fridge tastes

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I have a GE Profile fridge. The water from the fridge tastes great but the ice tastes terrible. Can I solve this by flushing the line from the fridge/filter to the ice maker? How do I accomplish this?
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.
OK great. I'm trying to fix my ice maker. It makes ice fine but tastes terrible. Do I have mold in the line from the water filter I wonder? I've tried removing food from freezer and cleaning the tray. What else can I do and how?
Okay I pulled up the tech info on this and unfortunately the ice maker in this model doesn't run through the filter or chiller according to what I see, You can verify that by check the line up to the ice maker from the valve down in the left hand corner looking from the back. if that line goes directly to the valve from the ice maker tube flushing this wont help. check line number 806 on the diagram.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
I can't see that diagram. Do I need to remove the back panel?

the panel across the bottom yes to see if the line is connected directly to the valve. click this link for the diagrams.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
OK. I've removed it and it looks like the line from my wall goes directly to the fridge. Into 775 of the diagram. Then the line (after going through the filter I presume) comes out of the fridge and into a blue connector. 800 in the diagram. Then another line comes from that connector up into the freezer.
okay so it does run through the chiller inside the refrigerator it seems.? that's kinda funny because the water in the door tastes okay you said so it wont be the filter or the chiller. you can go to Lowes and get some 1/4" plastic line and replace it to the ice maker and that may help but my gut tells me your ice make mold is causing the foul taste. these do in the refrigerators.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Should I replace the entire connector(800)? Or just the black tubing (806/270)? And then how do disconnect in order to replace?

800 is the valve itself. That shouldn't cause a bad taste but if you wish heres a link to the part. to get the lines out just push the white collars in and pull the tubes out. graphic heres a link to the valve.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
What does that valve do? I'll replace the black tubing (806/270). Can I get that at Home Depot? Anything else I can do if replacing tube doesn't work?
well that valve is what opens to let the water flow and usually doesn't cause a bad taste to the cubes, the line you can get at Home depot. Its just 1/4" plastic water line for refrigerators. If that doesn't solve the issue the ice maker will need to be replaced because over time these tend to get a bad taste embedded into the Teflon in the ice maker mold, theres a heater in the mold to release the ice when it frozen and the tends to bake the taste into the Teflon. hopefully the tube takes care of it. If not heres a link to order the ice maker . order here they wont have that at home depot, thanks and please remember to rate me 3 or above before signing off so I get credit for assisting you. well wishes, Bryan
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