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Model. Srs622dss. Serial no. 696242bp700031t. I have water

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Model. Srs622dss. Serial no. 696242bp700031t.

I have water leaking from below the fridge. The ice maker and water cooler are working fine. But thee is water collecting in the drain pan at the bottom back where the evaporator is located. What should I do.

Repairman1981 :

how much water and how often? The pan is there for defrost water so about a cup 2-3 times a day is pretty normal

Customer: It's filling that amount in the space of about 2 hrs and the dripping all over the floor. I haven't had this problem for the last 5 years. This started a week ago. I have closed the tap drained the water from the pan and within 2 hrs it was overflowing on to the floor
Customer: No I closed the tap and drained the pan on Turing it back on it filled up very quickly again How do I go on chat

you closed the water line and your still getting that much?

If the tap is off and hours later your getting that much it means your coil is sweating a LOT ... you either have an air leak and should see some frost somewhere inside it or your low on Freon and instead of freezing up like it should it's sweating

I can't go back on chat once I start like this ... not sure if you can. what do you mean by tap? Do you mean where the water comes into the fridge or do you have some kind of shut off on the defrost drain line.


There's only 2 ways water can leak on a fridge either defrost water or a water line/valve leak. If you shut off the supply line this will tell you which it is. easily

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Yes I shut the supply line prior to draining the pan. Then turned the supply line back on. The water is filling into the pan. I am only able to see a drip from the grey tube. May be overflow or drip tube

ohhh ..... no if it's dripping from the grey tube it's coming from somewhere ... do you see any ice inside near the maker? You should have some ice if it's dripping in the fridge. If it not then it's likely a cracked valve that is spraying there. They crack so small that you can barely see the stream .... I have spent 20 mins looking for the source before. They will even spray 2-5 feet. Soo much pressure


Customer: replied 3 years ago.
There is no dripping inside the fridge. It seems yo work normally both ice maker and the water dispenser. It's only the bottom drain pan which is collecting water and the. Overflowing when I turn on the supply line.

yea it's a cracked valve or line .... a flashlight you might catch it ... but I bet the valve is cracked ..... usually a line would only leak when used. The valve will leak all the time in a small stream the size of a piece of thread or less ... it would take a couple hours to fill the drip pan


Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Where will I find the valve
Fo austrailia you will have to order from Samsung directly .... I can't give you a local place to buy from since I don't think they have a distributor there in austrailia. But they can usually get them to you common carrier within a few days. Just turn the water off till then.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Sorry my question was which is the valve in the fridge. I will source it locally

there is only one water valve it serves both the dispenser and icemaker


Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Ok thanks for your help. I will look to replace the valve.
no problem ... lemme know if you run into any issues installing or if you find anything else you have a question about. I would suggest checking your house water pressure. these don't crack for no reason often. They do but usually if I find a cracked one I find 100+ psi to the house. Putting a reducer on would save this in the future.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Thanks I have rated you and have no more questions.

Thanks so much. If you need anything in the future lemme know. Have a good weekend.

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