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I have a Frigidaire Gallery Professional with the Model Number:

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I have a Frigidaire Gallery Professional with the Model Number: FRS26ZSG/Serial Number: LA84016364. It sat in storage for about 5-yrs before I could bring it to Phoenix, AZ from Virginia. Presently, it is working just fine but, there is a loud noise coming from one of the fans in the back (much like a clacking sound as if the blades are hitting something). What could be the problem and how can it be fixed?
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Can you locate where the sound is coming from exactly? Is it down under the refrigerator in the back by the compressor? Is it inside the freezer section? Is it inside the refrigerator section?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

The temperature is good at both top and lower but the fan comes on at odd times (sometimes when the compressor is on) but, I am unable to pull-out the refrigerator to tell exactly where it is coming from. It seems to be coming from the center of the appliance but, I could be wrong. I just cannot tell at this time.

OK so there are only 2 fans inside this unit and one is inside the freezer while the other is back by the compressor. You really need to determine which fan is making the noise. The best way to tell is to pull the refrigerator out and remove the lower back access panel to expose the compressor. There is a fan next to the compressor and if the unit is making the noise, you stick a fan in the fan blade to stall the fan. If the noise continues, then the fan is not making the noise. If the noise stops, try to see if there is anything you can move on the blade or possibly bend the blade a bit so that it's not hitting anything. If the noise still persists, either replace the fan blade or the fan motor depending on what is making the noise.

Now lets say that the fan motor back by the compressor is not making the noise. Everything will need to come out of the freezer and the back panel inside the freezer needs to be removed. The same procedure needs to be done to make sure the fan inside the freezer is making the noise. If so then try to bend the blades or try to remount the motor or whatever needs to be done. If the noise continues and you can't stop it, the evaporator fan motor would need to be replaced.

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

We pulled-out the refrigerator and removed the back panel where the compressor fan is and discovered that it was not the problem, as everything was working properly. However, while we were behind the appliance, the freezer fan came-on and it was the one producing the noise.

OK so then you'll need to remove everything out of the freezer and remove the back panel inside the freezer to determine if the fan blade needs to be adjusted or if you need to replace the evaporator fan motor.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you! I will have to try that when I get off work tonight.

Not a problem and I wish you only the best!