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3 year old bosch dishwasher model she6af02uc. Code E24. Repairman

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3 year old bosch dishwasher model she6af02uc. Code E24.
Repairman friend replaced floater switch, but still code E24.
Is this a main control issue, float ball issue or what? Used to love this machine but loosing patience. Thanks
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The E24 code is a drain error code. First check the siphon gap by your sink faucet if the drain line goes to one there. They often get clogged up and then the unit cannot drain out. Now if that is clear or you do not have one, you need to check the pump area as the impeller could be broken on the drain pump or there may be a foreign object in there stopping the unit from draining both will cause the E24 code.

Unscrew the first filter, remove the metal plate, and then remove the mesh cylinder. Take a T15 and remove the small screw that holds the drain pump cover. Take a bunch of paper towels and a thin flat blade screwdriver and get all the food stuff out of the way.

Now take a one foot long cable tie and run it up past the drain pump impeller into the tiny hole next to the impeller. This is the very small hole that faces the back of the unit. Keep moving the cable tie back and forth until you hear a "glug." You'll probably see a really disgusting lump of fat come out. Clean that up with a paper towel or a shop vac, then give it a try.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
What is atT15?
I have gotten the beast to drain in past but it was sporadic pump space pump...
I do not see screws next to pump impeller.
The pump impeller looks sealed
A T15 is a torx driver. The STAR screw heads. The T15 is the actual size you need for the screw to get it out. That will just get the cover plate off so you can see if anything is clogged in there. If there is not and you just see the hole where the impeller is I would say there is a very good chance the pump is bad. They go bad on that unit all the time. Most times the impeller breaks off the pump shaft so you hear the motor going but the impeller for the pump is not. You need to pull the unit all the way out and remove the cover on the left side to squeeze in and unlock the pump and twist it out. I bet it is bad for sure.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

ok replaced pump, control panel and discharge pump.

machine runs but still doesn't want to empty-error code E 25

If you are getting an E25 code now that is a pump code. Check and make sure you do not have a blockage in the drain line or if it goes to a siphon gap on the sink make sure that is clear.