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I have a GE side by side TFF24RBB refrigerator. There is a

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I have a GE side by side TFF24RBB refrigerator. There is a leak in my water dispenser line between the water storage reservoir and the water dispenser. The line goes though the bottom of the crisper area but does not appear out the bottom of the refrigerator until just before it goes through the protective coil under the freezer door. How do I change out the leaky line or can I?
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So you actually have to replace the entire reservoir because the water line is part of the reservoir and it goes through floor to the front left corner where the hinge of the freezer door is. Disconnect the water line below the freezer door and then unmount the water line. You'll need to pull the water lines up through the floor inside the refrigerator and replace the reservoir. Below is a link to the reservoir you'dneed to order for your model.


Now the part is $155, so the other option is to cut the water line up by the water reservoir, pull the water line up, and run a new water line through the floor. Then get a water line coupler from the hardware store and splice the new water line to the water reservoir.

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

The water line from the reservoir to the dispenser goes through two rubber fittings. The line goes through a fitting at the floor of the fridge and then through another fitting at the bottom by the coils. Between the two fittings the line is not exposed. When I pull on the line it doesn't budge even when yanked with plyers and even if it did come out there is not way to thread another line through because the rubber fittings are offset. Is there anyway to expose the line between the two fittings to run a new line?

There is not. You must disconnect the water line behind the lower vent panel below the freezer door. There is a coupler in this location that you disconnect. Then you must pull hard to pull the water line up through the refrigerator floor. It's the only way.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I have disconnected the water line behind the lower vent panel and I have cut it near the water reservoir. However, it will not budge when pulled and actually broke off about 2-inches above the fitting where the water line goes through the bottom of the fridge. There must be some way to access the line because if I could get the old line out it would be impossible to thread a new line through since it would have to go through two 90 degree fittings that are offset by about 18 inches. There is no sense in purchasing a new reservoir if there is no way to reconnect the lines.

There is literally no way other than to pull the line out in order to remove that line---none. Now if you run into problems and you can't push a water line through that hole, then you would want to just push the water line down through the grommet in the back of the refrigerator and run it underneath the refrigerator like every other refrigerator does and then just connect it to the coupler by the front freezer door. The only difference is that it won't run through the channel that goes through the freezer floor and that is fine. The stopped running them through this channel because the water lines would freeze and crack due to being too close to the freezer which is likely why your line has started leaking.
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I'm just following up to see how your appliance is doing since I haven't heard back from you and this question is still open. Is there anything else that I can help you with today?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I bought some tubing from the hardware store, rerouted it through the back of the fridge like you suggested and it is working ok. The water is not as cold as I would like but at least it works. Thanks for the information

Alright, not a problem and I'm glad it's up and running again.