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I have just received the Inglis stove Model IVE3230. On reading

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I have just received the Inglis stove Model IVE3230. On reading the "User Instructions" and trying to start the oven on bake with the timer set at 12 minutes I found the Instructions to be troublesome. The manual tells me about each individual key and the steps to set each for the timer, bake, broil, start but does not say how to setup the oven when about to cook to "bake/broil the food, for a set time, at a set temperature all in one method", much live would be stated in a cooking menu. Could you please send to me how I would setup the oven to prepare the food in your Model IVE3230 oven much like I said a menu would state it. Maybe your response will show me hove to enter the keys to setup the oven for a meal I want to prepare! My email [email protected]
Hello, and thank you for using this service. I'll be helping you with your problem today.

So unfortunately, this is a very basic model oven. This oven does not have a feature for "timed bake" where you can set a start and stop time so that it cooks for 3 hours and starts at 4:00 pm for example. The only thing you can do on this oven is to press bake, select the temperature, and start a normal bake cycle. Then press the timer button and set the amount of time you want the oven to cook and it will beep at you once the time limit has been reached.

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you for such a rapid answer. I will try your suggestion. If I am not satisfied I will take the range back to dealer since the range is under warrantly.

Alright sounds good. But if you have the option of returning the range and you want a timed bake feature where the oven automatically turns on or off, then you'll want to return this unit and get a slightly upgraded model.
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