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I need to replace the thermostat on Jenn-Air 88369 range. I

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I need to replace the thermostat on Jenn-Air 88369 range. I can find the part, but I'm not sure how to open the range to replace the part
Hello, and thank you for using this service. I'll be helping you with your problem today.

So this is a very difficult part to replace. Unless you're incredibly handy, you'll want to call a technician to replace the thermostat for this unit. The thermostat mounts inside the control panel but then has a bulb with a long wire attached to it that runs under the cooktop and comes in at the back of the oven so that it mounts inside the oven to check the temperature. You'll need to completely uninstall your oven and unplug the unit. Then you'll need to remove all the screws going into the back panel and remove the back panel. Next Open the oven door and remove all the screws coming in from below the control panel and on the right and left side of the control panel. Remove all the burner grates and burner caps as well as the vent cover going down the middle and remove all the screws around the border of the oven just below the cooktop. There will be screws coming from the inside of the burner trim as well as the vent that you need to remove as well be cause the entire trim needs to be pulled up and off so that you can remove the burner cartridges to run the thermostat. This will definitely take a few hours to complete this task.

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you.

Basically, the thermostat itself still works, as far as we know. On our model, the part that comes inside the oven to check the oven temperature actually descends in the FRONT RIGHT side (as you face the range). And what happened is that one part--a more rigid copper (?) part that I assume reads the temperature--fell off of the wire that descends, which I assume connects to the thermostat.

So--perhaps you can suggest a way to re-connect these two pieces?

I have attached photos.....and I'd say that I am pretty handy with large-scale stuff (I have wired a whole house, for instance), but I have very little experience with appliances. So far. LaughingWire fell offWire hanging down

You cannot re-connect this part's I'm afraid. You have no choice but to replace the thermostat to fix your problem.

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