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I have wolf stove (range and oven) that is setup for propane,

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I have wolf stove (range and oven) that is setup for propane, we are switching to natural gas so I ordered the parts needed to convert. My question is, how difficult is the task? I have a repair person coming to do the exchange but am wondering if I can save a couple bucks by doing it myself or just having the local plumber do it (who will likely be cheaper). I am a novice and suspect the parts do not come with an installation guide!

Please tell me if a novice could do this and where I might find the how-to information, as a back-up could my local plumber do it? Thanks!
Hello, and thank you for using this service. I'll be helping you with your problem today.

So the part does not come with instructions unfortunately, but it's quite a daunting task if you've never done it before. All the burner bases and the grill must be removed so that you can remove and replace the brass orifice (nozzle from the gas line that feeds the burner gas) for each burner. Then the floor inside the oven must be replaced and the back panel behind the range must be removed to access the orifices for the bake and broil. All 6 orifices will need to be accessed and replaced. Then you need to convert the gas regulator valve. There is a nut on the top of the regulator and you need to either remove it and flip the pin upside down to convert it to propane, or the top of the regulator will tell you what direction to turn the nut to change it over to propane.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Well, it sounds like I will let the experts do it! I just want to be clear though, this is a stove that is currently using propane and we are switching it over to natural gas. You comments about propane made me wonder if you may be thinking it was going to propane.


I suspect the stove was probably a natural gas stove (isn't that the way they are made?) and was converted to propane for us. But now we have natural gas on the street, so we are going back to the stove as a natural gas stove. Just in case, this makes a difference!



So the stoves are generally set up however you order them (either propane or natural gas) for wolf ranges. But the process to convert the unit to propane or to natural gas is still the same process regardless of which way you're converting the unit. Sorry about my wording if that was confusing before.

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