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Darren tyler I have a question on a sears Kenmore dishwasher

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Darren tyler I have a question on a sears Kenmore dishwasher leaking water on the inside of the door through the door latch hole.
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So it's impossible for the door latch itself to lean. It's above the door gasket so unless the door gasket is leaking and allowing water to the top of the door, water can't leak down through the door latch. That means you either have a problem with the door gasket not sealing, or possibly the vent inside the door isn't closing off and water is coming through the vent and dripping out the door latch handle area. You'll need to take the door apart and see if there are signs of water coming from the vent in the upper left corner going down into the latch. If so, then you may need to replace vent. If the vent isn't leaking, you can dry the top of the dishwasher inner door liner off with a towel and then shut the door and start a cycle wait about 60 seconds and open the door quickly. Is there water on the top of the inner door liner? If so, then you know your door seal isn't sealing properly and even though it was replaced, either isn't bad, or possibly something is hitting the top of the door and not allowing it to shut all the way (commonly one of the mounting screws).

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I didn't notice that the vent led its way to the latch tyler. Is there a channel that goes down to the latch from the vent ? there is also a small wax motor at the vent also. I there is a thin black piece of plastic about 3 inches long which I believe is part of the biggest part of the three door latch pieces. Do you feel I should recheck the vent

It's hard to know how the water will leak exactly when it goes through the vent, but those are really the only 2 options that would cause water to leak down the handle and latch area. I would recheck the vent and the door seal because those are the only 2 places it can come from so you just need to narrow down which of those two is causing the issue.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

ok will do . if its the vent what would have to be replaced tyler theres a little wax motor attached to this vent to .

That all comes as one part with the vent and wax motor. The part number you'd need is(NNN) NNN-NNNN
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