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need bosch appliance technician for this question. its a

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need bosch appliance technician for this question. its a bosch dryer that works fine in the timed dry settings when selected another words , the clothes are drying in the allotted time for timed dry setting , but When the cotton ,normal , and more dry settings are used the dryer will not dry for the allotted time and will shut off and read 0 minutes after only about 10 minutes of running time all the time now. Is there possibly some sensor some where that may be causing the dryer to shut off after 10 minutes when these cycles are selected ?? The model number of this dryer is WTVC3500 /UC10
Hello, and thank you for using this service. I'll be helping you with your problem today.

So the timed dry cycle is the only cycle setting that works different than the other setting. It will run through the full time no matter what. All the other setting will shut off early if they think the clothes are already dry. Now this can be tricked to shut off early if you don't have any clothes inside the dryer or if you're drying something like a blanket (or not enough clothes) so only the outside of the blanket that is dry is touching the sensor and the inside is still soaking wet. For these instances you should use timed dry.

If you open the door and look around the front below the door way, there is a sensor with 2 metal bars on it. If a wet piece of clothing touches both bars at the same time, it should prevent the dryer from shutting off early.

Now if it's shutting off early and you don't see anything physically wrong with the sensor bars, then you'd want to make sure the wires between the sensor and the control board are securely plugged in. If everything checks good, the control board needs to be replaced. Those sensor bars are just conductive pieces of metal so they can't really fail unless you see them coated in wax or something that needs to be cleaned off.

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

so the cotton- normal - and more dry settings are sensor drying cycles for this dryer tyler ? I wasn't sure because The person who owns it could not tell me whether or not these settings were sensor cycles. Ok so I will check the sensor bars and wire connections and hopefully the schematics will be available for me to test the sensor bars.and from what you have explained is that if the sensor bars and wiring turn out to be ok , then I should replace the control board . Thanks for the info Tyler will do

That's correct. ALL dryer settings are sensor dry cycles except timed dry on this unit.

You are correct on all accounts but I want to clarify one thing. You can't really test the sensor nor do you need to. The sensor is just a metal bar with a wire attached to it. Then there is another metal bar which either goes to ground or has another wire attached to it (can't remember which). But the wet clothing just completes the circuit. That's all it does. When a wet piece of clothing touches both bars at the same time, the circuit is completely and the small amount of electricity sent from the control board either goes to ground or back to the control board to tell it that the clothing is still wet. The sensor itself I've only seen fail when it's physically mangled for some reason and you'll see the bars are bent somehow.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

ok so I most likely can give the sensor bars a visual inspection then check wiring condition to the bars from sensor to the control board. If everything visualy checks ok then just get the control board and also double check as to what he is drying in the dryer and how many articles are being dryed also as you explained earlier.

Aye, that is all correct.

And you can even tape a paper clip between the 2 sensor bars and run with no clothes inside to confirm everything is working normally. If it runs without shutting off early and the paper clip is touching both bars, then you know it's functioning properly.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

that would also mean the control board was fine tyler? and the problem at this point would be the articles that are being put into the dryer ?

That is correct yes.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

thanks for the the expert advice I appreciate your time and effort with the help on my question Darren