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Jon, Appliance Technician
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I am looking for information on Asko Superior washer and Excellence

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I am looking for information on Asko Superior washer and Excellence Dryer stackable units. I just picked them up from a friend and would like to refurbish and make operational. The Dryer doesn't seem to work and the washer door is locked. Where can I get Manuals?
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You can call them to buy it or download it as Asko stuff is hard to come by. (NNN) NNN-NNNNor you can see if yours is listed on their site in the Service Saver section...CLICK HERE
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I have found no helpful info on their site. I have found the model number by researching for hours through Google. Model is 12004 or WM 110 and the dryer is TD 77 but do not know the Model of it yet. Unfortunately I have found more info on my own. SOrry, but thank you for help

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Relist: Answer quality.
I still have not been able to locate any info on Asko dryer TD 77 type. I can not find info or model #. I found washer info at washer model is 12004.I need dryer model and user & repair manual please

My name is XXXXX XXXXX I am an authorized Asko service tech and I can help you today.

I have the parts manual for what I believe your model to be a td77a.

Here is a link below to the parts diagrams for your model drier. Just click on the link below and paste it to your web browser to open and view the diagrams.

Now if your dryer is not starting at all we can look for a few simple things first like if there is full power coming into the dryer. Now most of these dryers require 220 volts. So access the plug and check the outlet it plugs into and check to make sure there is full 220 volts. If not, get that repaired first.

If full voltage then trace the power back to the terminal or plug end of the cord that goes back to the dryer. If you have no voltage there then the plug is bad. If you have voltage there then we will need to check the fuses and main control board.

Now, obviously you will need a multi meter to check these voltages and fuses and boards for correct power and continuity. If you dont have a meter please get back to me here and let me know and I will help you in other ways.

If so, please get back to me here and I will explain what to look for next.

Thanks and I look forward to hearing back to you soon and helping fix this machine in the quickest and cheapest way possible.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

that is excellent....thank you. I am a Ford Technician of 25 yrs, so I do have a multi meter and a firm basis of diagnostic procedures. That manual was what I really needed. What is difference between TD-77 & TD-77A?? my tag just says TD-77....any idea the model year? how can I find out. Do you have a link to a Users Manual as I am fixing the washer/dryer for my Sons Mom, my ex-wife. Trying to help them out of a Hard situation. Thank You Jon

Darin DeBelle

Eugene, Oregon


I am sure you will be able to handle the diagnostic procedure if you have over 25 years experience as a Ford Tech. And with me walking you through the steps we should be able to find the problem relative quickly.

I would suggest downloading and or printing out the exploded view diagrams first before we start the diagnostic steps so you can reference them as we go. It helps. Just so you have it, here is the link again.

Just copy and paste the link above to your browser to open and view the diagrams. Then just print them out to have handy.

And to answer your question about the A in the model, I couldn't tell you for sure, but I know Asko will make updated models as they make updates to computers and other electronics and instead of making a hole other model. I don't know for sure in this case.

As far as for the model year and manuals, I will be able to get more info for you when I know the model and serial numbers. Which should be printed on a sticker just besides the door or in back of the machine. So since we are going to have you move the machine out to work on it, you will be able to look for the model and serial sticker then.

With no power to the dryer at all and the lights not even coming on, we would first need to check the outlet the machine is plugged into. So pull the machine out enough to easily get back there and check with your meter set to ac voltage. Remove the plug from the outlet and put the leads to your meter in the receptacle and check for full 220 volts. If you have voltage good, we will start to check the machine. Bt if you don't have voltage at all then check the fuse at the main circuit panel to your home. Or if you have partial voltage do the same and tell me what you find.

If voltage is ok, with the dryer out, remove the screws to the back panel. They should be a number 15 or 20 torques head screw. It looks like a star bit. Remove all those and pull the back panel off.

With the back panel off you will see the condenser at the lower portion of the dryer and small thermostat on the back of it. The thermostat will have a few wires running to it. With the power off and the dryer unplugged remove the wires to the tstat and set your meter to continuity or ohms resistance. Then put the leads of the meter to the thermostat and check the continuity. You should have continuity and if your meter has an audible continuity check set it to that and you should hear a beep if the tstat is good. It is most likely good since the whole dryer doesnt work, but I would like for you to check anyway.

After checking the tstat on the condenser please move up to the top panel of the dryer. And remove the screws to the top panel in the rear of the top panel. There should only be a few screws holding the top panel in place on the rear of the top panel. Remove those and pull the top panel off the dryer.

You will then see the main control board. Give a quick look over to make sure there are no loose or damaged wires to that board. If so, then that would be the issue and would need to be repaired and or replaced. If not, then please look at the board to see any burnt or damage marks on the board itself. If there are burns or scorch marks then the board is bad. Now also please realize that the board can still be bad if no physical damage to the board.

If the board looks good move to the run capacitor next to it. If that has any loose or damaged wires that too can cause the whole machine to go bad.

Lets stop here and have you check these things before I get too far ahead. Please just get back to me here when you can to tell me what you have found and I will help you more. And please get back to me with the model and serial numbers if you can so I can research the manuals.

And please remember to rate my performance positively below this chat now with ok service or better rating so that I can get credit for helping you. And don't worry, it will not close this chat out. You can still come back to me here at any time and get back to me with any other questions or concerns should you have them and I will help you more for no additional charge.

Jon, Appliance Technician
Category: Appliance
Satisfied Customers: 3627
Experience: Appliance Service Technician with 10+ years experience.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Jon, thank you for all your help. It will be few days before I can get the proper plug/cord wired in so I may test the system and get it delivered to my ex-wifes house. I found a bad fuse which I will need to replace and then get that cord installed. I am currently Broke so I have to wait for Payday this Friday. I cant seem to find the model number for dryer...nothing on door but I will look again when I get home. I have found the model of Washer is 12004, superior model. I don't know if that helps with the timeline or possible year of the unit and what the dryer(TD-77) Excellence model might be. I appreciate your help and input. I hope I can talk to you again later this week. I do not have the money in bank to give a bonus or tip so I must wait.


Thank you for the positive rating. It is greatly appreciated.

No worries about the money and time to work on this machine. I can certainly understand.

Whenever you are ready to work on this again i"ll be here for you. Just come back here when you are ready and we will pick up right where we left off.

Thanks again.