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I have a Viking Vedo527155 built in double oven thatI just

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I have a Viking Vedo527155 built in double oven thatI just replaced the termastates on and the temperature is off about 25 degrees, which is the original reason I replaced the in the first place. Is there anyway to adjust the termastates for the correct temperature through the electronic control board? I have a calibrated oven temperature gauge so I have the correct temperature.
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Can you tell me which part numbers you replaced by chance? And how are you testing the temperature exactly?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
I am getting the part numbers for you. To test the temperature I am using a calibrated oven thermometer.
OK, just let me know the part number when you can.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Part number: PJ030035
OK so these are not actual thermostats to be honest. They call them thermostat, but they are really just "reostats" and they just tell the control board what temperature the oven should be set to. These never actually fail. Now let me explain something that is very important. Often times people will think that their oven temperature has become inaccurate. This could be true, but the first thing you want to do is test to see if this is the case. Get a cheap oven thermostat from a local grocery store. Place the thermostat inside the oven directly in the center of the cavity. Turn the oven on to 350 degrees. When the preheat light goes off or the oven is done preheating the thermostat will not read correctly. The thermostat should always be lower than the 350 degrees you set the oven at because it weighted. Think of it as a piece of meat, the meat doesn’t automatically heat up to 200 degrees, it takes a roast several hours just to get to 140 degrees. The thermostat isn’t as big so it doesn’t take as long, but you should wait at least 30 minutes when testing the temperature to get an accurate reading. If it still doesn’t check correctly then your issue can be caused by either a bad oven sensor or a bad display relay control board.  You can't test the board but you can test the sensor.  Open the door and remove the 3-4" long thin metal rod attached to the back wall.  There are 2 screws holding the sensor on that you can remove and then pull the sensor forward until you can disconnect it.  With a multimeter, check the resistance of the sensor at room temperature and it should be about 1080 ohms.  If it's not, replace the sensor, otherwise you need to replace your relay board. 

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.
I am a repair technician and I have a calibrated thermometer that is designed to accurately check the temperature while the oven is preheating and after the oven has preheated. I know that the thermostats that they use are called reostats. I have checked the oven at 350, 400 and lastly at 450 degrees. The top oven constantly is a steady 25 to 30 degrees higher then what it should be at. The bottom oven reads correct after replacing the reostat. I had thought about the oven sensor being bad and I have not checked that as of this moment. The question that I have is, "Is there anyway to calibrate the reostats displayed temperature via the control board. As is possible on most GE built in double oven's."

Absolutely not. Viking has no calibrations on any of their new wall ovens or ranges that use a reostat. The older units that used mechanical thermostats has a screw to adjust, but these new units don't even allow you to enter an offset like most other brand ovens. Viking's reasoning they say is that if something isn't reading the correct temperature, then something is failing so they want you to replace it, not put a bandage on it and help it along for another year or so. They are the only brand that I work on that uses this philosophy since every other brand has a way to calibrate the temperatures up to 35 degrees usually---but not Viking.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Are you able to tell me the approximate price for the oven sensor and the control board with the corresponding part number?
So that I can't look up since Viking requires me to be in the home in front of the appliance when I call for parts, but I can tell you that the oven sensor is about $150 and the control board is about $350 normally.

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