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SubZero_Wolf Expert
SubZero_Wolf Expert, Home Appliance Technician
Category: Appliance
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I have a 2009 stacking front washer and can not get the door

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I have a 2009 stacking front washer and can not get the door open after the wash cycle

SubZero_Wolf Expert :

Hello, I can help you with this. The unit has either a failed door lock or a failed water level sensor. You can unlock the door by accessing the door release cord. This cord is accessed from the front. Do you have the model number so I can give you model specif instructions? Let me know, thanks Sam

Customer: No I am not near the unit it is in a condo of ours in Florida.
SubZero_Wolf Expert :

Ok. there are two basic types. One has a 3-4" tall, width of the machine plate that is removed to get to the drain pump pin removal trap. The other has a 4"circle in the bottom right corner of the machine that you unscrew to get to the same area. Either way next to the pump pin trap (catches debris so it does ruin your drain pump) there is a plastic cord (zip tie like) that hangs from the door lock. This cord is pulled to unlock the door.

Customer: Ok we will try this but won't be able to get to it until late on Sunday. Thanks for your help.
SubZero_Wolf Expert :

No problem, there are also instructions for you model in your users manual and you can let me know if you have any trouble. If you are tool able I can help you determine which of the two parts it is.

Customer: Ok I may get back to you when we tackle this.
SubZero_Wolf Expert :

Let me know, I'll be glad to help, have a great day! Sam

Customer: Ok my machine is an axis wfl2050
SubZero_Wolf Expert :

Thank you, XXXXX XXXXX machine you have a small door on the bottom right front of the machine that can be flipped down. Inside the door you will see a circular cap (that cap when unscrewed will empty all the water from the unit). near that cap is a cable hanging down. If you pull on this cable the door will unlock. Once you open the door look inside and see if there is any pooling water. If the unit is not draining then you will need a pump, if it drains ok then the water level sensor is bad. Let me know what you find. Thanks,

Customer: There is no cable hanging, see a hole on left side and a small propeller in back
SubZero_Wolf Expert :

Do you see a red plastic loop in there, looks like this CLICK

SubZero_Wolf Expert :

You would pull the loop B to unlock the door.

Customer: No there is no loop
Customer: This machine is not a 2009 model I made a mistake it has to be 2007
SubZero_Wolf Expert :

That is strange. All Bosh washers have the quick door release. Later models had a loop at the end and older just had what looks like the end of a zip tie. Either way if you cannot see it then it must have slipped back behind the drain pump (circle you can see) You could use a T20 (star head) screw driver and remove the wider kick plate that the little door is attached to and then look up in the machine with a flashlight and see the cable.

SubZero_Wolf Expert :

Let me know if you need more detailed instructions on removing the lower kick plate. Its really just removing the 4 screws down there and pulling on the plastic fairly hard.

Customer: Ok removed plate no pull tab. Our manual had no info. My problem isn't solved but you tried.
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