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I have a Viking, 48 inch side by side refrigerator, about 8

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I have a Viking, 48 inch side by side refrigerator, about 8 years old -- don't have the model # XXXXX hand. Recently I noticed 2 problems.

1. The area at the top where the cold air comes from has a lot of water drops around it all the time. This didn't use to happen. What is the cause?

2. Behind one of the produce drawers I keep getting some ice build up. I have to go in with a hair dryer to loosen it.

Thoughts on how to fix?
Hi. I'm Smitty. I am a professional appliance repair consultant here to help you diagnose, and repair, your appliance.
What this sounds like is the unit is not completely defrosting.
This can leave residual moisture in the unit and it will appear as droplets at the entrance for the cool air in the refrigerator section. The moisture will travel down the back of the refrigerator and collect at the lowest point of the refrigerator section. That being the produce drawers that you mention.
The best thing to do is allow the unit to completely defrost, and wipe up any moisture you may find. This will require a 24 hour period of the unit being disconnected from the power source.
Once the unit has had a chance to completely defrost, and any residual moisture has been mopped up, it should be able to keep up with the defrosting on its own.
If you have additional concerns please post them here.
Thank you.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Smitty.


Thanks for the response. That seems like an easy enough solution --


Unplug the unit for 24 hours to allow it to fully defrost; then mop up all the extra water. Is that right? I guess my only problem is what to do with all the stuff in the frig and freezer while it's defrosting? Can it stay in the frig?




Unfortunately no. The frozen foods will help to maintain a low temperature and prevent a complete defrost. Best suggestion is coolers to store the food overnight, or maybe a friend or neighbor might have enough room to help you out.

The Home Smithy and other Appliance Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Okay, thanks -- I'll give it a shot.

Great! Let me know how it turns out.
Regards, Smitty.