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I have a Jenn- Air Model JGR8890ADP Pro-Style Double Oven Range.

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I have a Jenn- Air Model JGR8890ADP Pro-Style Double Oven Range. Today the bottom oven cam on and will not go off. I have unplugged the stove and when I re-plug it turns back on again. I thought maybe it was on self clean so I let it stay on for three hours even thou the door wouldn't lock and the oven never turned off. So I un-plug it for over an hour and when I reconnected it the oven turned right back on again. When you plug it in the screen shows the number 3.0 and then the time shows. you can't use any settings for the lower oven and cancel will not work. The Broil light did come on flashing and would reset using the cancel button.
This is a rare way to fail, but I have seen it. The relay is shorted and causing it to heat anytime power is applied. To repair this you need to replace the main relay board, W10172705 is the part number, you can order it from 1-888-464-2853 or you can google the part number. The board is very easy to change. Just a few screws, slide it out, remove the upper back panel (after killing the power of course) then a few screws hold it in, and swap the wires over to the same position as the old control. Literally a 15 min job. You can save a ton on labor doing it yourself.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

It took a while but I got the parts and installed them today. The part you told me to get didn't come with the control plate so I had to order that and that took another week. But no big deal.
The panel now works however, the lower oven still comes on when I plug in the electric cord and will not shut off even when I hit cancel. I tried all the settings for the lower oven and still will not turn it off. Is there another relay that may be stuck and if so where is it located?
again Thanks

Couple questions Is your oven gas or electric? It looks like from the diagram it's gas .... if it gas then when you say it comes on when plugged in Do you just mean gas or do you mean it glows the glowbar and then heats the oven?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I mean the lower oven comes on once I plug it in. It is Gas. Before I changed the panel I couldn't set anything on the lower oven. Now I can but the lower oven just comes on by itself and heats up fast.

Unfortunately the ONLY thing that can be bad is a pinched wire somewhere causing 120v to bleed to the gas valve, or a sticking relay on the board causing this heat to occur first thing. You have replaced the board .... so I guess we need to check the wires going to the gas valve and see if any have been cut or pinched in a way power can be bleeding into it. Also if the range has been recently moved or something changed with power you might make sure hot and neutral hasn't been reversed at the plug (maybe try another plug) just in case .... that is a long shot but I can't see how the board didn't fix this on a gas range .... they are so simple and there's literally nothing else it can be.